Survival Kit? Cool Beans!

First off..I have NO idea where I got the whole Cool Beans thing from, it just seems to have stuck with me from my MMO Days. Moving on.

My Friend over at Pandora’s Box (that’d be Pandora eh?) whose Journal I stalk often had a post there about a Blogging friend of hers in which this unbelievably kind hearted woman over at Kentucky Gurl is offering to send a random winner a ‘Survival Package’ of cookies and assorted other items that you may request (within reason of course) to help you survive the rigors of your daily life.

I’ve entered already but I figured since I am genuinely trying to be a good Blog’r this time around that I should make mention of the things I find noteworthy during my day. So if you read this feel free to head on over and enter for yourself. That way no one can accuse me of trying to hog all the luck for myself.

In other news, my Wife got stuck in the Temple of Courage and decided to phone me at home (she’s at work) to get me to look up a Walk-Through of the game and figure out how to get her unstuck.  Weird? You might think so…but not in this house.

p.s. It’s a Nintendo DS Game. Legend of Zelda Phantom Hourglass


One Response to “Survival Kit? Cool Beans!”

  1. Hello there! I found you! I’ve stalked you from KentuckyGurl’s site. Muahahahahaha. (;

    Your wife called you from her work to ask for a walkthrough because she’s playing Zelda at work. I love her and I’ve never met her. (;

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