Tattoo Day

So early this morning I went down to my local Tattoo shop and had some fun with Vern. Can’t say enough about the man he’s awesome. We had to make a few changes to my tattoo in order to get it to sit where I wanted it too. Originally the design called for some pretty intricate Tribal work on surrounding the Sharingan symbol but I knew going in that I would probably lose that because Tribal is a bit overdone these days. So I let Vern have a free hand at it and he gave me an awesome looking Shuriken surrounding the pattern!

It hurts but no more so than my last one did, basically feels like a sunburn at the moment. I took an additional day off work to let it get right into the healing process before I go back.

For those of you curious as to the design and the Artist I provide Clickies below:

And the artwork can be found here just imagine it without the Tribal design. One day I will take a picture of the actual work and add it.

Sharingan Tattoo


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