Barbers from Hell

No this has nothing to do with Sweeney Todd. I think I had his sister as my Barber today though.

Since I work in a Kitchen for a living I keep my hair quite short by necessity to avoid the hassles that come with longer hair and hairnets. Also it is MUCH easier to deal with in the summer months because it doesn’t get all heavy and weighted down in the humidity. But that is neither here nor there right now.

As most people do I frequent one particular hair stylist to get mine cut. She knows how I like it and we’re fairly friendly so it’s a pleasant diversion from my days tasks to talk with her while she takes care of my hair. Apparently she is on vacation and has a stunt double doing hair for her.

Why do I call her a ‘Stunt Double’ you ask? Well it’s simple. Stunt Doubles handle stunts while the Actors do the acting. You can draw the parallels here I hope. I can’t say she butchered my hair (score 1 for me on the extra Sweeney Todd reference!) but she didn’t exactly get it right either. Upon closer inspection it’s not terribly even at the front and sine I carry it short it tends to stand straight up so the uneven area is REALLY noticeable.

Needless to say I shall be having words with my usual Stylist when she returns.

My Post Hair Care fun today was buying a spiffy leather carrying case/stand for my PSP and scoring a free EB Games Calendar with it and snagging lunch with the nice lady at Mr. Sub. I loves me my Subbage.

Day Two of Tattoo Recovery has me mightily impressed with the work I had done yesterday, it looks amazing!


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