Free At Last!

Finally I am free from the cycle of IPod abuse. By “Abuse” I mean the perpetual flood of new IPods twice a year by the folks over at Apple. While I applaud their desire to constantly push the technology of personal music devices I am finally drawing my line in the sand and saying, “No more!” IPod technology has gotten even more out of hand than PCs these days. Not two months after you buy a shiny new IPod you can check out Apples Website for the even newer and shinier version with more features, better battery life and more storage space and at the same price as your outdated one.

Had Apple gone to an Annual release format I might still be an avid fan of their IPod but this has gotten to be irritating and I won’t shell out for a new IPod every 4-6 months. I still like my IPod, don’t misunderstand me,  but like many people these days I find it extremely offputting to know that in a mere 3 months something bigger and better will come along for the same price. It gives me the impression that these companies are merely pawning off their junk of me so that they can get to the business of releasing the “really” good items.

I guess as a consumer I am finally fed up with it. At least with a PC I can buy a new one and upgrade for a fraction of the price to get about 5 solid years out of it before I need a new one.

In other news the Renovations are well under way at the Restaurant and wow was it totally dead the first day. I think all the Contractors vehicles and plywood over the windows are giving people the impression that we are entirely closed which is not good seeing as how we are half open. In either regard I am happy with the slower periods as it is allowing me and the rest of the crew to get caught up on our rainy day tasks like replacing/repairing some of the items in the kitchen which needed it. Hopefully when we re-open on the 14th of February full time we’ll have the whole place tuned in nicely.

Oh and a bizarre link for you: Knicker Picker


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