Tres Bizarre!

Well with the renovations ongoing where I work the days have been predictably dull as people try to figure out if we are open at all. I went in to work this morning only to notice that one of my co-workers was absent. When I inquired about it I got the usual, “Went home sick” that happens from time to time in any workplace.

Later on though I find out that the poor woman may have pneumonia or a similar problem and likely won’t be around for several days at least. I shrugged and offered my well wishes by proxy and went about covering for the absentee. Even later on this morning I get called into the Managers Office. It seems that with the renovation happening she’s trimmed hours all over the place and without our sickly colleague there will only be one person to run the kitchen during the afternoon. This is a no no. There are Five stations in the Kitchen and if we get even remotely busy it just doesn’t work to have one person running around like headless poultry.

So I had a choice. I could offer to take up the shifts that were left vacant or continue on in my own shifts while one of the Kitchen Managers would take over the free shifts. I jumped on it and hung on like a cowboy on a bull.

So now for the next week I have only Day Shifts. Hahahafuckingawesomeha! Three years I worked Split Shifts every day and finally I get a string of Days! Yay me!

*snoppy dance*

That is all (for now)


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