Trials and Tribulations

So I play alot of Hellgate: London. What can I say, I’ve played so damn many Fantasy related games in my time online that I am just plain tired of seeing Elves and Dwarves and Gnomes all over the place. Hellgate is a great game that I highly recommend and again as I have mentioned before it’s easy on the older Systems which has been a boon to me for sure since my system is three-ish years old now.

That brings me to two days ago when I was happily playing away whilst my wife was doing her own thing. I was in the middle of an extended leg of the game meaning if I stopped where I was all my current progress would be lost and I would have to start anew next time I logged in. Needless to say I did not want to stop until I reached the end. Valiantly I fought onward until at last I had only one more task to accomplish before I could log out for the night.

And then the power went out.

Enraged is a good word for what I was at that time, but I am not one to hold onto rage when it serves no purpose. This had/has happened before in our house, she’d an older gal our house and her wiring isn’t the best. By that I mean the entire basement is wired onto a single circuit and was never really intended for use other than a laundry room and storage. We have the whole thing furnished as a living/game area for ourselves, both our PCs are down there, the big TV with the game systems attached as well as the nice surround system etc etc.

What we learned early on was that the plug by the bar we put in could only run one item at a time or the circuit breaker would trip and the basement would lose power. So we try never to do that, especially if we’re using the PCs because they are touchy about that sort of thing.

Getting back to the power going out on me right as I was in the last leg of my game it turned out she was cooking something in the toaster oven and decided she wanted tea at the same time so on went the kettle. That’s One more item than the circuit can handle. So darkness was my friend. Cue the rage, which I let slide easily enough etc etc. She apologized profusely and I rebooted to see how much work I would need to redo.

SO I get into the game and things look…strange…I can’t quite put my finger on it until I try to move and suddenly the graphics go right down to the seventh level of Hell. I’m getting corrupted images and distorted textures everywhere I look and it quickly makes the game unplayable. Cue the next round of “I’m sorry honey!” from my wife and again I let it go. It sucks since this is the one thing I really enjoy doing on my PC but what can you do right? I try a few more times to no avail, uninstall, reinstall etc etc ad infinitum and after two days of tinkering I got it to work half ass decently just a while ago.

It’s clear my PC is on it’s last legs now, the CD Drive is refusing to read anything but DVDs at the moment, my Install of XP crashes on 1 in 5 startups and now the Vid Card only runs properly on some pretty dumbed down settings.

I went around with her today for a bit to see what was out there locally for potential new systems and 1.3k gets me a nice rig but that’s about $400 more than I wanted to spend. Then I get the, “Well if you’re getting a new one I want a new one too.” which means I need to find two systems in the range of $1300 TOTAL. That’s $650 per system. Pardon my language but that buys you sweet fuck all when it comes to a PC these days.

So yes, Trials and Tribulations.


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