Here we go

So the first half of the Renovations to the restaurant are supposed to be done today, this morning we were set to reopen to the public with the Family side of things. I wouldn’t know. Why you ask? Well I seem to have buggered up my knee last night. Wasn’t doing anything stupid or outlandish. I was trying to get into my car like I have a thousand times before and suddenly it felt like someone had taken a hammer to my kneecap. Pain I am used too but this sort of hurt was the kind of thing you can’t just block out because it varies in strength and intensity.

So I hobbled my way back to the house and onto the couch where I liberally applied A5-35 to my knee area. It seemed after further investigation that it was not so much my knee as a either a muscle or tendon around my knee. I elevated it and let it alone for about 3 hours, moving it every now and then to see if it still hurt (it did). About 4 hours later I moved my leg by accident, it slipped off the pillow I had it propped up on, and oddly the pain was MUCH less than it had been. So I experimented by standing up and sure enough, the pain was largely gone. Very odd…but I went to bed thankful that I was able to sleep at all as I had expected to be up all night in extreme discomfort.

Moving ahead to this morning I woke up still feeling alright, made my way upstairs to the shower and all was good. Until I went to come back downstairs…two steps down on the stairs and the pain was back exactly the same as it was last night. I was moving slowly, taking my time and it didn’t change a thing. So I hobbled my way downstairs once more to sit on the couch with the A5-35, called in to work and told them I would not be in today and again…three hours later it does not hurt. I can walk pretty much normally (I am being paranoid and taking it extremely easily right now) and the pain is extremely minimal.

This marks my 4th day off from work. I HATE that. I do not like being off work more than two days at a stretch so I was looking forward to going back since I’d had three days off while the construction guys finished the restaurant. Now I am on my fourth day and going more than a little stir crazy. I want to work but I am afraid to re-injure my leg…it is very annoying!

So that’s Thursday in a nutshell I guess.


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