Book Ends

About 6 months ago I was in need of something fun to read so off I went to my local Book Store aptly named “Lots-a-books”. I have much love for that store. A little over 10 years ago when my family got sent up here (my Father was Military at the time) I had literally nothing to do because we were stuck in a Hotel room for almost 6 weeks due to our PMQ being fixed up. There was nothing much on TV, I did not know a living soul in town and it was Summer Holidays so I had no chance to meet other kids my age at school. Not knowing where anything was did not help matters either.

Thankfully my Mother is also an avid reader and was in much the same boat so we would walk downtown to see what was there quite often. That’s when we found Lots-a-books nestled in it’s little spot on Main Street. In our old town of Alsask there wasn’t even a bookstore so I was ecstatic that I would have access to a bookstore that wasn’t a two hour drive away. As it turned out the tiny little building was actually the towns very first Bank way back in the day. It still even had the old Vault with its massive steel door though it now held a children’s reading section.

I explored the place as only a bored to death teenager could and quickly found my own personal mecca in the form of the Science Fiction/Fantasy area. Those are some of the fondest days of my life, I even remember the very first book I ever bought in that store. Robotech #1. In the end I had an awesome summer eventually reading the entire series of Robotech in our six week hotel stay before we finally got into our house on the Base. In fact I was such a fixture of the little store that when I did not come in the next weekend (due to being about a 15 minute drive away instead of just down the road) they actually phoned my Father at work to see if I was alright.

To this day I still have the entire Robotech Series on my bookshelf.

Now that I have digressed you into a sleepy haze dear readers let me get to the meat of this entry.

Gail Z. Martin

It’s safe to say that I read ALOT of Fantasy books, being an avid player of Dungeons and Dragons for over 18 years now, so I have seen my fair share of “Cookie cutter” fantasy settings. It’s hard to be original these days in a specific setting so a really good Author, instead of trying to reinvent the wheel, draws you in with the setting and the characters.

It’s been a long long time since an author had me so eager to read that I actually hid myself away for the chance to pick up the book again and Mrs. Martin has done that and more. Very rarely do I actually seek out an Author to gush about how much I enjoyed their work. Gail however has turned out to be easily approachable and immensely friendly in every aspect.

I won’t take up any more of your time but if you are any sort of fan of High Fantasy and lovingly crafted characters I highly recommend Chronicles of the Necromancer and it’s Sequel which has just arrived in stores (though not MY store yet…blasted cold weather has wrought havoc with shipping to my tiny town).


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