Monday Meltdown ™*

Ah so we begin with a nod to milady Pandora over at her blog for giving me the impetus to Rant this fine Monday morning.

Our Renovations are thankfully almost over now but the sort of insanity we have had to deal with (which should NEVER have been staff concerns) has been phenomenal to say the least. Ideally we should have closed for the entire length of the Renovation but our Owner has partners and they wanted us open the whole time. So we have been dealing with the mess of a Renovation while trying to serve people decent food this whole time. That in and of itself is stressful. I take pride in my work and stand behind the food I sent out of the Kitchen but with all the mess everywhere it’s like walking through a mine field to send it out without it getting contaminated by Drywall dust, dirt and general crud from the Renovation.

Now that half the Restaurant is done and open with its new look a new set of problems has arisen. Cleaning the new place is becoming a chore because of the rules involved, new paint means no washing walls for 30 days, new tiles means we have to wash with sponges and not mops because the grout has to set, workers leaving tools and materials EVERYWHERE for us to trip over. Owner and her Partners trampling all over the place to whine and moan about speed, looks, details and a myriad of other things.

Topping them all though is Valentines Day. In the Restaurant business you have Two or Three Blockbuster days. Mothers Day, New Years and Valentines Day. When is Valentines this year? The Last scheduled day of the Renovation. Which means we have to help the Contractors in every way possible to get the other half of the Restaurant finished, dressed and open for the throngs of people that show up on Valentines every year.

In their rush to get things done things are getting broken and forgotten. Yesterday they tripped three breakers in the Kitchen at different times during the day. I don’t know how many of you have ever worked in a Kitchen before but when one thing goes down during a rush it gets overlooked for a long while until the noise dies down and someone realizes there’s a problem.

All day yesterday the Owner was in the Restaurant, she’s a lovely woman that I have MUCH respect for, getting in everyones way and generally being the wrench in the machine for us. We KNOW how to run the Kitchen, let us DO it for crying out loud. YES the Quality Assurance Inspector is one of the guys coming down to “help” (holy loose terms Batman!) us get things done for the 13th & 14th but he’s NOT going to be doing a QA report on us. There’s no need for us all to be in scrubbing the nooks and crannies with toothbrushes on our hands and knees when we have more important things to be doing.

Last night was almost the straw that broke my back. Mid-Dinner service and we get a visit from a Manager saying, “You guys need to make sure you’re not just standing around when you’re not busy, there’s lots of work to be done so find something to do.” I’m sorry but the Dinner service is the busiest time of the day, our task is to get the food made, cooked and out to the customer as fast as humanly possible for the three hour period that the rush usually lasts. Coming into the Kitchen in the middle of that to tell me I am not doing enough? That’s a damn ass fast way to get told to fuck right off. If I have two minutes between bills where I am not running to get more stock or helping someone else to stock their station I am sure as bloody hell going to take a moment and do what relaxing I can. Making matters a little worse the Manager who came in to drop that little gem of wisdom is a DAY shift Manager who hasn’t worked a Dinner service in over a year meaning she has no clue what it’s like these days. (Business has grown for us every single year I have worked there…I’m sure it grew before I started there too..not trying to be all “I’m the reason this place does so well.” hehe)

Enough about work, on to the personal Ranty sort of things.

I have, in the past, had trouble with my eyes and apparently nerves if you ask my Doctor. A few year ago I lost alot of feeling in my extremities for a period of about…2 months or so, which was accompanied by some visual issues like one eye was focusing on things at a different range then the other giving me a sort of double vision. I made an appointment to get checked out, was referred to a specialist when the “usual” suspects were ruled out and unfortunately in the time it took them to get me an appointment for an MRI my symptoms had alleviated themselves so the MRI turned up very little of interest and thusly my Doctor shrugged and threw up his hands (paraphrasing of course). Well a couple times in the last two months I have had a new sort of visual problem, sort of a kaleidoscope effect obscures a small portion of my visual field.

It’s similar to what happens when you get a sun-spot on your eye from looking at something bright, that little point of light that takes a while to go away and gets in your way of seeing things properly for a short time. Same idea but this ones is a cascade of colors as if I were looking partly through a kaleidoscope. In both instances I had not had enough sleep and was suffering from a fairly severe headache so right now I am writing it down as perhaps a minor migraine.

Scary though, have to say that… while it is happening I tend to get very depressed and worried, which leads to anxiety, lack of sleep, the Dark get the idea. I made an appointment to get in to the Doctor again though just to keep him up to date. Course it’s next week at the earliest they can get me in so of course by then he’ll have nothing to see. Ah well.

Ok all done!

*Trademark is just me being amusing 🙂


One Response to “Monday Meltdown ™*”

  1. Wow. When you rant – you rant! Nicely done! (=

    I’m amazed at your restraint, by the way. And may things go swiftly so that Valentine’s rush is a breeze. (;

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