New PC

So I finally got my new PC, not the ideal one but a decent one…at least sort of…

It’s a Dell XPS 420, Core 2 Duo, 3 Gigs Ram, 256 Meg PCI Radeon 2600 XT.

Unfortunately….it has Vista as well. I can’t say enough horrible things about my brief experience with Vista. I think the first Question it should ask you right out of the Box is “Are you an Idiot?”

If you answer “No” it should automatically turn off all the Child Safety crap it forces down your throat right then and there.  The whole “All or Nothing” protection scheme they use is just ludicrous to say the least.

So far my games are doing alright, Hellgate is not as awesome looking as I had hoped it would be but it’s better than it was so I won’t gripe much about that. DX10 Sucks in it’s entirety. Web pages take at least 5-10 seconds longer to load with Vista because it downloads the page then ‘verifies’ it before you get to see it…


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