For an as yet indeterminate reason today I am sad. Perhaps melancholy is a good description of what I am feeling today. This is rare for me, usually I am a fairly ‘even’ person emotionally. This could be due in large part to the self-sacrificing nature that I sport which does not often allow me to burden others with my issues.

Earlier today my wife phoned me from work with good news, God of War – Chains of Olympus is out for the PSP now and she thought I might want it ( I do! ) so she called to confirm that. In my mind I was saying, “Please stay on the phone with me for a little while.” but of course what I said was, “Thank you honey, don’t let me keep you from your work.”¬†

What really cranks my wheel is that when I go back to work in 30 minutes I will be my normal self to everyone there, the amusing smart-ass joker that everyone loves to work with. Four hours later I will get home, pick Christina up from Hap Ki Do and probably not even mention how I feel right now because in most cases it has more than passed by then.

Oh and in other news. Vista is an Idiot..but a crafty idiot… the learning curve is slowly being overcome.


One Response to “Oddity”

  1. *tight gentle hugs* i know the feelings; have been having waves of them for about a week now – am thinking some of it is weather related, too much gray; the rest is family stuff that needs distancing from.

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