Quality Assurance (96.7)

It’s that time of the year again at the Restaurant. Every few months they send us an ‘expert’ to assess whether or not we are doing things correctly with proper food safety procedures and such like. It’s a pain in the ass and I have to say that I resent it more than a little bit. This guy comes in, checks on our prep, temps etc etc and watches us over a dinner service to ensure things are going out correctly and properly plated. That’s all he does, one dinner service. And based on that we get our mark out of 100. We scored a 96.7 this year which is about what we usually do.

Be that as it may it chafes my hide that based on one evening he is allowed to judge us. Since I don’t want to rant all over the place I’ll leave it at that. So yeah, we did well, Management is pleased and that is all that matters to me in the end.

My friend Pandora mentioned to me last night in her Blog that today is Pi Day! So Happy Pi Day folks! Also in Japan it is White Day which my wife and I actually do celebrate. Briefly Valentines in Japan is for the Girls to buy the Boys Chocolates and such and one month later to the day White Day is when the Boys return the favor and buy the Girls the goodies. So I brought Christina a nice arrangement of white lily’s and other complimentary colors to go along with some white chocolate cookies (theme eh?).

Next week I am losing one of my days off, well half of it anyway. Not too pleased with that but I understand the reason why so I am not raising hell about it as I normally would.


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