Guest Blogging!

So my good friend over at Pandora’s Box is taking flight to see the world in all its glory in the coming days and I have volunteered my services along with some of her other frequent Blog Associates (I like that term I think I shall keep it). I find now that I have moved my Blog over here to WordPress that I am having much more fun with it in general so I am happy to lend a hand in keeping the Posts coming to Pandora who is a part of the Blog 365 Challenge this year.

Blogging along with me in Pandora’s SandBox are Yoshi as well as Daniel thus far. We will unleash much chaos upon Pandora’s Box while she is away. And yes..that does sound bad.

Edit to Add: Colin is also joining us in our effort to keep Pandora’s Box stuffed (I planned that one, I figure if I have a theme going I’ll stick with it eh?)


4 Responses to “Guest Blogging!”

  1. “much chaos” I love it. 😀 I think Colin is blogging as well!

  2. I Stand happily corrected, maybe we should form a Union or something. Topple a government in Pandora’s name while she’s overseas!

  3. Sounds like fun!!! I’m in!

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