What is the world coming to?

Generally I stay away from Political issues as a show of respect for my..well lack of respect for anything Political but something on the news this past week caught my eye. Over in Tibet right now there are people protesting the beating of protesters in a political demonstration. So what do the Tibetan Police do? They beat the protesters protesting the beating of the other protesters. Now I am the first to admit I found the situation mildly amusing (damn you Simpsons and South Park!) but in retrospect it opened my eyes to my own apathy towards Political issues.

Back in the day Demonstrations were a legitimate means for the public to communicate to their government when they felt their local representatives were not acting as the peoples mouthpiece and that was fine. But now I see that the Politicians themselves have become apathetic towards Protesters to the point that the Demonstrations are more for the benefit of the people gathered together under a common banner. As if to say “Yes we all agree that something needs to be done but really are the Politicians even paying attention anymore?” 

You can’t go a day reading the newspaper or watching it on TV without hearing about a Demonstration or Protest Rally somewhere in the world. I just don’t see them having any effect whatsoever any longer.

If you poke something long enough it gets angry, if you poke it even longer it just becomes immune to the input. That’s what has happened to the power of Demonstrations I think. It’s no longer, “Wow look at all these people! Let’s find out what has their knickers so twisted!” it has become “Oh great…another useless protest, how late is this going to make me for work?”

You won’t see much of this on my Blog, I just thought I’d splurge today. Thanks for reading if you got this far!


2 Responses to “What is the world coming to?”

  1. There is nothing to see there, just keep moving. The corporations, the IOC, and China wish to have a happy good time Olympics like they do in every other country. Why should we focus on the negative? Please keep supporting the Chinaman war machine. You can do your part by purchasing all of your household needs at Target, Wal-Mart, and the dollar stores.

    ~ Toodles

  2. Indeed, it’s hard not to support a foreign economy when you go shopping in this day and age. I think if I were to check that very few of the items in my home are in fact made in Canada. Is that why they call it the “Fortunes of War” do you think?

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