Flares from the beyond

Hiya folks,

Just wanted to fire off a Flare to let folks know there was still some life over here. We’re down two full time people in the Kitchen at work right now so it’s been pretty ridiculous. By way of example, we were at $16k in Sales when I left tonight at 8 P.M. which is pretty busy for us on the weekend, not a record but definitely busy. Tomorrow (Sunday) there are usually 7 of us to ‘repair’ the damage from the Saturday night rush. But those two people we are missing are Sunday folks so that leaves Five of us to fix 16k+ worth of sales. Wee.

Finally managed to lay hands on a copy of Final Fantasy Crisis Core for the PSP yesterday. EB Games let me down big time. Turned out the game WAS in stores on the date I previously mentioned just not in this EB Games because their Shipment got missed. Not only did it not show up on time…it got missed for another 3 bloody Days! So I asked my wife to check at the Department Store where she works and sure enough there it was. So as much as I want to support stores like EB Games over the Big Box Retailers I asked her to get it.


One Response to “Flares from the beyond”

  1. Yeah i managed to go to best buy yesterday and picked it up myself. Now i’ve just gotta tear myself away from the pc to play it lol.

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