You know the deal…just when I thought I was out…Puzzle Quest pulled me back in! Thanks in no small part to a Post on my friend Pandora’s Blog put there by Yoshi. Curse you…I couldn’t find it for my DS for some reason (i think I loaned it to a friend) so I went out and bought it for the PC.

Now for those of you not already addicted/aware of this game go Click the Puzzle Quest Link Above now.

What I love the most about this game is the pick up and play aspect. There is no lengthy load, getting into the Action is quick and easy. Best of all though, there is no death. There is Defeat but no Death. You lose a match and all that happens is you have to try try again or perhaps go hone your skills some more on an Opponent more suited to your skill level.

Something of note for my fellow PQ Addicts is they are making a Sci-Fi Version of the game!

Oh and not to be outdone…the mention of PQ got me thinking about a former Guilty Pleasure of mine and so I Double Dare all my readers to go and try Progress Quest!


2 Responses to “Godfather”

  1. Wow, a sci fi version? sweet!

    Now, if they came out with PQ for the mac, I’d be totally addicted. Well I’m addicted already. LOL

  2. abraxus Says:

    Actually Yoshi, it IS out for the Mac now…go be totally addicted! Mwahaha

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