A Day in My Life

At around 8 PM last night my wife decided it would be superspiffycool if we could go to “The City” today. Some Geographical enlightenment: We live 385km away from “The City” With our fancy Canadian cars and measurements of speed that means we are just shy of 4 hours away from “The City” at the legally allowed Speed Limit.

This means we got up at 7 AM to get to our destination at 11 AM. That’s just getting to the edge of it mind you, not the additional 30 minutes of drive time through traffic to reach our goal, the WEM. Our purpose? To buy her a new PC. Our Results? $210 in Anime, $76 in Old Navy, $105 in the T&T Market, $86 at Payless and about $77 in Manga. You’ll notice no new PC on that list. She’s a fickle one she is.

Fun was had. Risked life and limb in cutting approx. 90 minutes off our travel time both there AND back again (Hobbits FTW!) whilst avoiding the lovely gentlemen of the R.C.M.P. who can only “Get Their Man” if they know their man is there to be had apparently.

Off Topic I stopped by Danalyn‘s Blog to wish her a Happy Birthday on behalf of Yoshi ( I think this was a clever plot to see just how much he could irritate her…curse me for being so easy to manipulate!). She was having a lovely time explaining how dim the Geek Squad can be at times. I had many things like that happen to me when I was in the field of PC maintenance lo these many years ago before I found out I liked Cooking alot more than my old job. I wasn’t even trained in any formal sense, I used my common sense but I daresay even I might be over-qualified to work for Geek Squad based on her Post.

Editted to remove my embarrassing typographical incompetence.


2 Responses to “A Day in My Life”

  1. I think you guys would be better off looking for a new PC online. There might be better offers on the internet than in shops. Maybe you could do some homework before going to the shops for a new PC.

  2. Aye, we did our homework online first. There are a couple stores in the City that actively compete with the more prolific online retailers so we were going to go there first. Usually the problem we have with Online Ordering for things like that is they murder us on the Shipping and Handling. Being “Off the beaten path” means we pay more for that sort of thing. Sometimes it’s just ridiculous how much.

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