Lucky me

Just the other night while I was eating dinner I bit down on a piece of Chicken and heard a crunch. Those of you that have ever broken a tooth in this manner know exactly what that noise sounds like. Now I should mention that I am a total and complete wuss when it comes to dental pain. I turn into what my wife calls, “Angry Bear” when I have a toothache and I tend to take it out with a passion on anyone foolish enough to engage me in conversation.

When can I get in to my Dentist? Next Monday. I have four days left in my work week. Operation Maple Flag is JUST getting under way which brings around 5000 Military Personnel into town from various countries around the world. This means we are busier than normal at the Restaurant and that leads to stress. Stress leads to pain and none of my coworkers have ever seen “Angry Bear”. I warned them and they all just laughed. We’ll see how many of them are alive and if I still have a job by the weeks end if my tooth truly starts to hurt.

My own wife, bless her, has a hard time putting up with me when I get like this.


2 Responses to “Lucky me”

  1. I’m pretty much the same. If i’m in great pain, i’m always in the “woe is me” phase. it’s crazy. hehe

  2. Yep, that’s it exactly. Soon as the tooth starts to ache the entire world goes away. There is no tomorrow, no next week, no five minutes from now. There is only the pain and anything that does not relieve the pain must be destroyed. 😛

    It’s weird, I can look at it so rationally sometimes that it makes me angry when I react like that. As if I am being foolish or something yet every time it happens I seem to have no control over my reaction.

    I suffer from a horrific Gag Reflex too so it’s a nightmare for the Dentist as well. That whole rubber damn thing they use…nope. Not on me they don’t. Touch my tongue at any point and I get to chew on your fingers Mr. Dentist you know the rules.

    It even says in HUGE letters on my Dentist Chart “EXTREME GAG REFLEX” hehe. Another thing I have never overcome in 30 years of Dental Visits.

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