Adventures in Dentistry

Well this morning went off pretty much without a hitch. Which is odd for me and my famous Gag Reflex. Little bit of trouble with the X-Ray but it did get done. They even managed to use the rubber dam thing on me which pretty much has never happened before.

Funny thing being when she put the clamp on my tooth that the dam attaches too it popped right off, second time no luck third time with a different version it worked. THEN the rubber damn wouldn’t go on correctly. Figures the time I don’t gag is the time they need even more time poking around in my mouth risking the gag.

Once it was all in place though it went fine and quickly which I liked. Tried to make an appointment for a Cleaning/Check-up and was told the earliest possible time was in October…sheesh. So when I got home I had a call from them saying they had someone cancel and I could get in…*drumroll* Tomorrow at 10 AM lol.

Oh yeah and Iron Man was freakin awesome. Robert Downey Jr. is PERFECT as Tony Stark. And the little ending scene after the credits was cool too. I love it when they take the time to properly tell a story in movies these days. 90 Minutes is just stupid, forces the script writers to cram too much in and the movie suffers for it most times. I much prefer they take all the time they need.


3 Responses to “Adventures in Dentistry”

  1. I’m totally jazzed to go see iron man. we’ll get there soon. šŸ˜€

  2. Just make sure you stay til the Credits are over. We went with a couple friends and they left as they started to roll, they missed the scene and were pissed

  3. Ewww, I hate the damn dam and pretty much the dentist and anything to do with the dentist and….wow, I could go on and on and on…

    I cannot wait to see iron man too, I just looooove Robert Downey Jr. We were supposed to go over the weekend but I got super icky sick.

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