Dental Update

Well after my checkup/Cleaning this morning I am pretty much good to go on the Orthodontic front. I hadn’t been in to see them for a checkup in several years (Universal Health Care covers only serious things and Dental does not count) so I was expecting worse but I got out in under two hours with only one bout of gagging and one small cavity which will be fixed next week.

On another note…it turns out I am ticklish on my upper gums. I scared the begeezus out of the Hygenist when she poked me there and I giggled. She thought I was gagging of course and when I told her it tickled she looked relieved.


One Response to “Dental Update”

  1. That must have been tough to giggle while your mouth was open. I can see how she would think you were gagging. LOL Good though that everything is good to go. No one really enjoys going to the dentist. right?

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