Work Related

Oh the urge to tear off a chunk of Rant and chew mightily on it is powerful today…but I will try to avoid that if I can.

We have several foreign workers at the Restaurant in the Kitchen. They were hired on contract by the Owner because she could not find competent staff in our sleepy little City. Under those contracts they work for her for Three years and then are free to do whatever they please. In return she helped to pay for them to come here, set them up with furnished apartments and often drove them wherever they might need to go. All in all it was a pretty fair deal for all involved.

Until they started taking advantage of her kindness. First it was Silva, who could not handle the hectic pace our Kitchen maintains during its peak hours. Silva up and walked out in the middle of his shift, hopped a bus the next day and went to stay with some of his countrymen in Edmonton. No explanation, no apology, he just ran.

Now it is Sepala, a man that I actually called ‘friend’ for quite some time. With him it started when he could not understand the paperwork involved in bringing his Family to be with him in Canada. My Boss went out of her way to hire a lawyer at her own expense to help with that and soon enough his family was here. Shortly after that he couldn’t work nights because his wife was working at the local Wal-Mart at night and he needed to be with the Children. Then he could not work in the Mornings because he wanted to walk his Children to school and his wife, who worked the overnight shift at Wal-Mart, was asleep until around 11 A.M. most days.

Just recently these past few months his Wife has begun having medical problems with her feet and back. This has forced her to miss many shifts at Wal-Mart and eventually she quit as a result. So once again we had to change the schedule to meet his needs ( I should mention that many of us gave up days off for several months to make this happen) so that he could deal with his family.

Two weeks ago he needed to take his wife in to Edmonton to see a Specialist about her back. We all pulled together and covered for him while he was gone for five days and were happy when he finally returned. All that changed today though.

This morning we learned that his wife was never ill, she was merely unhappy with this City we all call home. So much so that she refused to go to work and lied about foot and back pains to get out of it. On the days when he was supposed to be home watching his kids and walking them to school he was in fact out looking for another job. When they went to Edmonton to see the “Specialist” he was looking for a house in the City and taking interviews for Jobs there.

All the times we covered for him he was screwing us around so that he could set himself up in Edmonton and today he came in and informed us all that he and his family would be moving to Edmonton on Wednesday of next week so of course he could not work with us after that day. He thought it was quite amusing that I had no idea what was going on (in the past I had defended him to the Owner who suspected he might be doing something like this because I had thought he was my friend) so for the first time in many long years I looked a man right in the eye and said, “Fuck you, you inconsiderate bastard.” and walked away.

He didn’t even have the balls to tell the woman who went out of pocket to bring his sorry ass over here and then did it again to help get his ungrateful family over here as well.

What kind of creature does things like that to the people who help them? So yeah.




EDITED to Add: He HAD 6 months left on his contract and is defaulting on it. So apparently he will be paying some sort of penalty as a result. I hope it’s huge.


2 Responses to “Work Related”

  1. You know that line: “I’ve always depended on the kindness of strangers” ? Well, that was the first thing that came to mind. Then I wanted to scream “SEPALAAAAAAAAAAA”…

    Seriously, that sucks man. Karma is a bitch though and it is real. I’ve seen it do it’s thing many times. Just don’t lose your faith in humanity just yet.

  2. Wow that is crazy. But yeah like colin says, it’s all about karma. what goes around comes around. It’s gonna come back for him and his family tenfold.

    Ugh. That sucks. it’s people like that that make it tough to make new friends.

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