Work Drama Part Deux

To further enlighten the curious I have learned a few new things since my last Post on the subject of the co-worker who is giving us the proverbial shaft. Last week he had asked our Boss to sign a paper saying that he was now allowed to work wherever he chose and was free of ties to her company. At this time he was claiming that his contract with her was up. She was reluctant to sign a legally binding document without consulting her lawyers and said she would sign it when her lawyer got back to her.  That was Friday.

Cut to Monday when our Boss comes in to work and gets in touch with her Lawyer who tells her that he has an entire year left on his contractual obligation to her. So he tried to pull the wool over her eyes once right there. Then we inform her that he is moving to the City on Wednesday (also he hi-jacked another of our employee’s to help him move leaving us short handed today) AND is taking all the furniture in the apartment as well.

Our Boss furnished the apartment completely, right down to silverware and linens for them so they would not have to do anything when they arrived. So ALL of the furniture is hers and she has not been paid for it at all. So as of today when he started taking loads down to the City in a rented Truck he is guilty of theft. Not to mention Breach of Contract.

Even after ALL of this she is reluctant to take legal action against him. She asked my opinion and I told her the following, “Let him go to Edmonton, let him get his family settled in. Then you call your lawyer and you tell him what happened and you go after him for Breach of Contract as well as Theft over $1000. You don’t want him to come back to work here because you’ll both hate it. So you take him to court and let the law do the work for you. At they very least you should be able to have his wages garnished to compensate you for the lost income as a result of having to replace him here and I don’t doubt that you’d be able to get a cash settlement out of him for the theft of your furniture. See how he likes living in the City when a good chunk of every paycheck he cashes comes straight to you for the next year.”

That’s going to be my last Rant-ish type Post on this matter. Any future mention of this will just be basic updates so I can keep it all straight in my own head down the road.


6 Responses to “Work Drama Part Deux”

  1. wow that is just insane! Your advice is right on the money, i hope your boss does exactly that!

  2. Some people suck. And then, there are those who royally suck!

  3. Why would someone even try and do that? What a piece o’ poop. Hehe, poop.

  4. abraxus Says:

    @Yoshi: I will find out for sure tomorrow. Hopefully she’s going to stand up for herself this time.

    @Colin: And not in a good way either! 😛

    @cybrpunk: To some extent I believe it is his Wife, she utterly and openly voices her disgust for this small City we live in at every opportunity.

  5. I tend to think WTF a lot lately, but wow, I just cannot comprehend how someone could to that to another person who has gone out of their way to get them here and settled. Much less out of their own pocket. Again WTF? I agree with Colin (and you) that it sucks and not in a good way!

    Sounds like you definitely gave her good advice and I hope that she listens to you and that ‘hole’ gets it in the end! Again, not in a good way. What? I couldn’t help myself. LOL!

  6. Actually, am betting that she can have his ass tossed in jail for the theft – if she has all the receipts, he could be cooling his heels for a bit … >.>

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