Age of Conan First Impressions

So. I got the game yestereve, went home and ripped open my Collectors Edition because I am that much of a geek for things Conan. Oo’d and Ahh’d were appropriate and popped the game discs (2) in for the installation which took around 45 minutes.

I am a veteran of Online Games, Diablo I & II, EverQuest I & II, EVE Online, WoW, Final Fantasy, Guild Wars etc etc so I fully expected the immediate Patch. I was not expecting the enormity of it however. First was the 112 Meg Patch, then it’s little sister the 12 Meg Patch, then Uncle Eddy that no one talks about…the 680 Meg Patch.

True to form however I just read through the Art book as it did its thing and once done I gleefully double Clicked my way into….a rather lackluster little screen which suggested that I download Vista Service Pack I before attempting to play AoC. Disheartened that I was not soon to be rending limbs and wenching my way across the landscape I dutifully went to Microsoft and began the download for Service Pack I…all 480 Megs of it. That happened in about a half hour. Then the Install took another 45 minutes.

All in All I began the install at 5 PM and when I was finally able to log in to the game it was 8:45 PM. Irritating but that is neither here nor there now. The game ran a little rough for me at first so I tweaked some settings. (I am fairly sure that I do no need to see the NPCs fully rendered at 2000m…A fully rendered 5 foot tall Pict at 2000m looks remarkably like a fully rendered single pixel at 2000m.

With my settings properly adjusted so I wasn’t playing a Flip Book MMO I began the opening “Let’s teach this jackass how to play our game” Quests and completely ignored every single tool tip I could find, instead relying on trial and error to get through things and you know what? It worked just fine. I is Inventory, M is Map etc etc industry standards.

Shocking as it might sound I was not asked to slay Rabid Wolves by the thousands. Instead I was asked to rescue a fair damsel…well…is there such a thing as a fair trollop? Meh either way. I slew some nasty Brigands, some Picts and some other things. Combat is easy. You get some base attack directions depending on your Class and weapon. Simple things to begin with like Overhead Strike, Left Slash, Right Slash all easy to perform and satisfyingly bloody in Conan Style. In Combat the game actually hints at you which attack might be more successful but it’s still a crap shoot in the end.

Movement is the same as most MMO’s out there and you can go First or Third Person as you desire. So far the terrain is lovely even with my settings toned down a fair bit. Not the old “Is that a house or a boulder?” days of EverQuest for sure.

Chat is similar to most online games as well, OOC Channels, General Chat etc. One thing that IS different is the freedom of movement you DON’T have. This game sports some fairly solid collision detection so there’s not going to be any running through Allies or Foes here. In combat with three Picts once I tried to circle around to keep them all in front of me and I was so used to playing WoW and such that I tried to run through them and damn near got killed as they all thought I was trying to get them to stick their knives in just the right place.

Loot is more well thought out as well, you aren’t going to kill a Wolf and come away with a Chainmail Coat or 20 pound hammer. I haven’t had the need or opportunity to buy anything just yet as the games lower levels tend to provide fairly well for the beginner.

All things considered I would give this game so far an 8 out of 10 for overall appeal to me. I’ll post another Topic when I have actually accomplished something other than freeing myself from slavery.

Oh and Sexual Innuendo, yep it’s there. Haven’t seen any nipples just yet but believe you me. The people next door will know when I do for the first time. =)


6 Responses to “Age of Conan First Impressions”

  1. We’re definitely going to pick this up this weekend i think. I was hoping that it would run on our laptops, but I’m not holding my breath. 😛

  2. […] looks like Abraxus picked up Age of Conan recently and wrote a pretty good post about it. We’ve been considering picking it up. I think Meesh was really curious about it, so I think […]

  3. I can not say I love this game, I think it is really average. It is worth to game but will only keep you entertained for more than a one or two hours. I would say that you should try CoD or game of life for a change.

    • In fact I did not play for very long Mary. I ran out my first month and got a bit bored with the game. I have since decided that I am just done playing MMO’s for the time being. I simply don’t care to spend my time with them as much as I used too. Right now my interest has drifted towards Warhammer 40k.

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