Allow me to sum up…

the events of my most recent Staff Meeting at work. Set to happen at 3 P.M. we all show up on time (a minor miracle in its own right) and the meeting begins promptly. Some of the Major Cleaning duties in the kitchen haven’t been getting done on time, this needs to be corrected. We all agree.

Next point regards Staff worrying about their Pay Rates and thinking of leaving for greener pastures (this is entirely the Immigrant workers the company has brought over to fill positions.) up north. We dispense information explaining that yes, they make up to $5 more/hour than we do here BUT the cost of living there is almost 60% more than it is here so all of that amazing wage goes to simply living there.

And that dear readers is it. After that it was just a constant re-hashing of the prior points…for the next 50 bloody minutes. In total the information we were given took all of 10 minutes to impart and then it was like moving through some sort of demented timewarp/groundhog day sort of thing.

I COULD have been home about 20 minutes after I left but no…that would have been a good thing.



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