Luck <= Skill

Who needs Skill when you have blind ignorant luck eh? Earlier tonight I was goofing around with my 360 checking the Live stuff out when I saw a little thing called “Media Center” and I said, “Hey, what’s this do?” Five minutes later I have Media Center running merrily along on my 360 and my PC. Kinda handy to tell you the truth. I am chasing her on Anime like Bleach and Naruto and my beef was always that I could not sit still at my PC for long enough to watch more than one or two episodes.

Now I can stream them from my PC to the TV and watch them on the living room couch whilst my 360 Controller allows me to Search my PC Library for the next episodes and such-like.

But you want to know what the most shocking thing of all is? It actually…..WORKS! and it’s Windows… I suspect third party involvement. No Errors, no Patches…no Updates…it just works. I turned it off though just in case it might realize its mistake and start acting up.

In other news, Candy Pizza is actually not entirely vile. Earlier today at work one of the Servers asked me if I could make her a sweet pizza and they happened to have some candy out there to nibble on. So I stole some and went back to the Kitchen, rolled out some fresh dough, layered on some Skittles, Starburst and a handful of Nerds along with some Gummi Bears, tossed it into the oven with some mozzarella on it and 6 minutes later out came what looked a bit like a tie-dyed shirt…but it tasted pretty good.

Well I only had a piece about the size of my thumb..I cannot imagine how wired the poor girl got after eating the rest of that pizza.


2 Responses to “Luck <= Skill”

  1. Microsoft? working? I dont’ believe it. lies!

  2. Apparently that is one of the best Media Centres around. Isn’t that the one they have now ported to run on Mac OS X as well?

    Candy pizza sounds wrong. VERY wrong. Oh. My. Gag.

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