What Irks Me – The Day Off Edition

A little backstory for the new people. Up until about 6 months ago I had been working 6 Days a week on average around 10 hours a day at the Restaurant. This led to me having essentially no life to speak of. My one day off was consumed utterly by Bill Payments, Grocery Shopping and spending time with my wife. Unlike most people I worked (and still work) Split Shifts while my wife works regular day shifts and the occasional evening.

That meant I dropped her off at work, went in to the Restaurant, came home in the afternoon for 2.5 hours then went back to work about 30 minutes before she got home. I’d get back from the Split shift around 9:30 most nights, later if it was really busy, eat dinner, do laundry and pretty much be ready for bed.

That was my life for almost 3 years. Yes the money was nice, yes my wife understood that I was sorely needed due to lack of staff at the Restaurant but none of that helped me when I took a good long look at my wife and realized I had no life. I had work and a day to catch up. That is not a life.

My friends hardly ever saw me, I missed pretty much every single get together any of them had and I worked every weekend so when I DID have some time it was on a Monday when everyone else was getting back to work themselves.

About 6 months or so ago I went to my Boss and said I could not do it any longer, the toll it was taking on me personally was just getting to be too much. Thankfully she understood and I started to get two days off. It’s been nice for the most part, having one day to do my running and another to just do whatever I felt like doing.

Now we get to my problem (sorry it took so long…) I have SO much saved up to do, books purchased along the way that I wanted to read, DVDs with the same intention, Video Games for various consoles and things of that sort. What this has led to is a bit of paralysis. I have free time and I guess too much I want to do so I end up getting to do nothing while I try to figure it out.

I used to be part of a great PBeM (Play By Email) game a long time ago but the demands of work forced me to retire from it because I could not uphold my commitments to the game. Unfortunately I also lost a valued friendship as a result of all that. I miss the participation in creating something larger and now that I have the time again I have looked around for something else to invest myself in as I did once before. Sadly I have yet to find anything that has given me the same ‘buzz’.

I’ve tried to just pick one thing and do that exclusively but it’s not as easy as it might seem. Not for me at least. So I turn to the people I have met on the Interbaun. What do you do to help you make up your mind when you have multiple things to do?

I need something to occupy my mind and videogames just can’t do that for me, nor can the Movies.

Longwinded…Sorry =/


3 Responses to “What Irks Me – The Day Off Edition”

  1. alliiya Says:

    Prompt communities that lead into rp in the email/journal method. I will create a list for you, if you like to check it out. *HUGS*

  2. Yes please 🙂

    I need to bleed off some creativity. I think that’s been my problem, too many stray thoughts.

  3. I used to play Minesweeper for about a half hour straight when I was overwhelmed and needed to find some focus. A simple game that comes with Windows but it worked for me. That was a few years ago.

    Now at work, I make lists of things that have to be done and figure out which ones can be ignored the longest (aka prioritizing). At home, I just do whatever I have time for or am inspired to work on. Whether that’s sitting in front of WoW for an hour or two, or working on scripts for A Little Scary or messing around in Illustrator for practice, or throwing the ball down the hall for my dog.

    Whatever you do, don’t replace being at work with another solitary activity. Remember that you said that your wife was a reminder that you seemed to have no life. Make sure you include her in your new free time as well. I need to follow my own advice too sometimes but that doesn’t make it any less relevant.

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