Final Fantasy Crisis Core Update

Well I’ve finally gotten around to actually sitting down with the new Final Fantasy game for the PSP. Crisis Core is turning out to be considerably more fresh and interesting than I had originally thought it would be. Initially I went in expecting that the game would be fanservice for FFVII fans and I have been pleasantly surprised. Combat, as with all new FF titles, is different but easy to grasp. My only real issue with the Combat if you get into the Items Menu you MUST use something. Even if you just got there by accident. A few times now I’ve wasted Potions just to get out of the menu and back to a fight because it’s pseudo-real time so while you’re in that Menu you you’re not attacking and likely getting hit.

Cut Scenes are awesome as is almost always the case and are easily skipped through if needs be. Voice Over is nice…but stiff in some cases and I would have liked to have seen more of it.

Something I am loving though are the Missions. Anyone who has played a FF game in the past knows the sometimes tedious task of leveling up your group in between major adventures. Crisis Core takes some of that pain away by removing the need to run around for days on end hoping for random encounters. Enter the Missions. At any Save Point you can access the Missions area and choose from a decent list of things to do which basically amount to about 4-5 minute adventures that flesh out the storyline if you’re interested in the side plots. Defeating a mission usually will unlock the next harder one in the Chain with increased difficulty and better rewards.

They have something called the “Modulating Phase” which occasionally will pop up similar to the Limit Breaks from the past but much more random. It’s basically a slot machine of NPC images which scroll through randomly. Sometimes you get something nice like a Level Up, a Summon, or Bonus’ to Combat Abilities like No Magic Point costs briefly. It’s fun so far but I’ve had a few “WTF” moments when it jerks me out of combat to do it.

So far so good!

Oh yeah and someone strap Pandora to her PC and make her Post. That is all 🙂


4 Responses to “Final Fantasy Crisis Core Update”

  1. I definitely want to play Crisis Core but I just got the original Silent Hill working on my PSP and I played that instead.

  2. yeah i love crisis core. I haven’t had much time to play it recently though. I need to get back to it.

  3. heheh…you said “strap” and “modulating phase” in one post… >.>

  4. *wink wink* Yes I did!

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