New Game Impressions

So I have always been a fan of all things dark and nasty. It’s the evil in me I guess. Thus I bring you my thoughts on :

Requeim: Bloodymare

Now it’s alot like Guild Wars so if you ever tried that game and enjoyed it you might find yourself liking Requiem. It’s free to play to an extent (more on that in a moment) and is freely downloadable through several options. I Elected to use the Torrent they had on their site and left my PC on chugging away at all 2.61 Gigs of it. Lo and behold a mere 8 hours later it was ready to install.

Installation was easy and painless, your Login is the same as the one you set up your account with on their webpage so that’s a no brainer. Pretty standard character creation options, three races consisting of your Melee, your Spell Casters and your Jack of All Trades. The usual custom things like faces, hair etc. By no means is it what I would call robust however it gets the job done.

Interestingly enough at the end of Character Creation you have to choose a Pass Code (PIN # if you will) for your Character/Account. Any time you want to log in your Character you are asked to enter this four digit code. Uniquely every time you select a Number on the key pad it randomly moves the numbers around this is there way of preventing third party mods from easily accessing their game (WoW Bots anyone?)

Once you enter the world the first thing you will notice is the game runs pretty reasonably even on older systems, this is because they restricted the resolutions you can run in to a Maximum of 1280 x 764. Now don’t panic, the game still looks pretty darn good regardless. All of the standard MMO commands work for your movement and Mouse Looking though some of the keyboard shortcuts are not standard. For instance the “I” key does not open your Inventory it opens your Character Sheet window. All are customizable though so that’s hardly an issue.

Combat is a bit bloody. Not Age of Conan bloody but gruesome nonetheless. You have a set of abilities you click to perform special actions ala WoW/Guild Wars and from then on it’s a game of “Who runs out of hit points first”. Loot drops the same ways as other games, little shinies on the ground that give up gold and items from time to time.

Quests are fairly standard, Fetch me this, Go here then come back, Kill five of these. Newbies are sent hither and yon through the starting area to get familair with the lay of the land. Rewards are gear and weapon upgrades along with cash.

Requeim borrows from Final Fantasy a bit with a “Job” system. At level 10 you can essentially specialize your Class which opens different skill sets and specific abilities. I have not tried a SpellCaster yet so I can’t speak to the spell Casting.

Setting wise the world is dark, looking much like a disaster has befallen the area. Technology IS present in sort of steampunk way so it’s not all Sword and Sorcery. In fact you are encouraged at some points to seek out DNA modifiers to augment yourself with.

Now the slightly annoying bits…you can Pay to get more benefits. $8 a month gets you an experience Boost and other such things like bigger bank space and better % Chance of nice item drops. $14 a month is a 50% Exp Bonus and even bigger chance of item drops. On top of that you can buy coin from the company to purchase things in game. Now none of this is required but you can get your ass it’s going to be hella useful if you have the cash to toss around. Strangely either of the Payment options gets you access to ‘World Chat’ which I thought was foolish. Don’t you WANT your Players to be exposed to people saying “Oh who I bought this really cool item just now!” or “Sweet I just levelled a Character to 10 in half an hour because I have the Premium Package!”

All in all, it’s a pretty fun game, if you have 2.61 Gigs of free space to devote to it I will recommend it as a time waster if nothing else 🙂


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