Lifelike Spam?

I have several Messenger Clients, MSN, Yahoo (old and Vista Beta), Google Talk and of course IRC if that counts. I’m sure most of you do as well but do you ever get offline messages you could swear were real? I’m sure it’s just a totally random fluke but a few times I have gotten messages from Spammers using names and saying things that almost sound just like stuff a that the person with that name might say.

There’s still that moment of suspicion enough to keep me from doing it but the other day I got a message with a link in it from a guy name Kevin claiming he was my old High School buddy and that he and some of the others I hung out with in High School were getting together in town on the weekend to party it up. Included was a Link to what was supposed to be the hotel they were all staying at. That’s where I Red Flagged. The hotel they named is not in this town.

But damn if it wasn’t a terminator-esque impression. Every happen to you folks?

Oh and the genuinely amusing ones are the ones that use my Messenger Handle thinking it’s actually my name…NO one on my Messenger Clients calls me by my Handle, they all are on a first name basis with me. But I still get SPAM like: Hey Dredaras! “Long time no see huh? Check out this cool link I found yesterday!”

Edit: Can’t spell


2 Responses to “Lifelike Spam?”

  1. yeah IM spam gets better each day. that’s why I set it so only people who are on my IM list can IM me. It’s safer that way.

  2. I don’t get that many spam messages. I have a lot of people on my contact lists though and occasionally they get infected by some virus which sends itself as a zipped file telling me that it’s a picture of me looking silly from the other night or something. It still bugs me that people can’t tell the difference between a real and a spam message but what bugs me more is if they don’t fix it within a few days. There was this one guy who had this virus for a very long time and I kept telling him but he always ignored my IM’s so I blocked him. 🙂

    Like yoshi I have my IM set so that only people I have accepted to contact me can send me IM’s and you should do it too because it’s safer. I have spent years with computers and I can most of the times identify when something is spam but not everyone can so you must be careful.

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