Big n Green

You guessed it, Incredible Hulk Movie Reveiw time. For those listening in I don’t do spoilers so no worries.

Better than the first movie? You bet. Why? Because they stayed true to the roots this time. Dr. Bruce Banner is a tortured soul once again and you are made/encouraged to feel for the plight of this brilliant young scientist bearing a terrible curse.

Special Effects abound of course, it is The Hulk after all. You’ll come away from this movie happy whether you liked the first one or not. More importantly you’ll like it even if you know almost nothing about The Incredible Hulk.

As a rule The Hulk was never a highly comedic character so if you’re looking for the snappy one-liners of Spiderman or the wry wit of Iron Man you won’t find that in this movie save for two or three brief moments. The Hulk is not about Haha so much as it is about “Holy Crap that was awesome!”

Various Homages are there to be seen, former Hulks, Former Banners and of course Stan “The Man” Lee and one other which I shall not spoil but was very well received by me. All in all I give it a 4 out of 5.


4 Responses to “Big n Green”

  1. yeah it sounds cool. That’s good to hear that they’re staying close to the comics though. I just would love to hear him say “Hulk smash!” LOL but I bet it’s not like that at all. 😀

  2. I do want to see this one but I think I may just wait and buy it on DVD. I already know I’ll like it at this point so why pay twice?

  3. Oh but you should! It’s the Incredible Hulk! The sheer size of the Hulk is worth the big screen visit.

    @Yoshi If that’s the sort of Hulk you want to see then this is the movie for you!

  4. I’m curious to see this film even if I didn’t manage to sit through the first one because I got ridiculously bored (and this rarely happens so I’ll blame it on my having a bad day or something). The thing is that you must see these films in a huge ass screen or at the cinema to appreciate all the special effects and the details but I really don’t feel like paying to see this. I’d much rather rent it or catch on tv.

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