These are the days of our lives…

As you might have guessed from the Topic this Post is going to be all about the sublime Soap Opera that is my workplace. Flee now unless you wish to be baffled by the goings on at my place of work.

This past week has been pretty rough, past 10 days actually but I don’t want to split hairs, with a few days of really short Staff on hand due to injuries (a bad back and one Doctors Appointment) and people who can’t seem to get out of bed on time coupled with one young man from Fiji who decided it would be fine to lie about why he could not come to work on Saturday by saying he was ill when we ALL knew he was in the City with his Brother.

Of course my Employer found out about all of this and it was pretty much her last straw for that month hence the Staff Meetings. Ostensibly it was about rising Food Costs, 1.5% to be precise over the last month which translates into an increase of around $4500. This is unacceptable. There is no reason for it. Many of the Staff have gotten lazy and do not use the Scales provided to weigh out food portions and that is where the cost starts to creep up. 1/2 an Ounce here…3 Ounces there and before you know it $4500 is gone.

That was legitamite and I have no problems being told to get my shit together and do it right. That was the first 10 minutes of the meeting. Unfortunately the next 50 minutes turned into our Boss nearly bawling her eyes out in frustration over the childish crap people are pulling, a few feuds between friends and her general frustration at having to baby sit her staff as if she was Mommy. Something she should never have to do of course. We heard about how in the City this sort of thing would just get you fired, and in other Restaurants if you didn’t bring in a Doctors Note explaining why you were not at work you were fired on the spot.

Basically the grass is always greener on the other side sort of thing. My beef with that was I have NEVER been a problem for her…ever. I hardly ever ask for time off, I show up for my shifts. I don’t cry and whine every five minutes. I have a good time with my co-workers and the Front of House staff. I am pretty much universally liked by all as far as I know because I don’t panic, don’t get angry and can usually be counted on to be the village idiot/smartass whenever tension needs to be released.

Aside from generally knowing that something was up I really did not know any details, nor was I in any way involved in the whole mess yet I had to sit there as she re-hashed the same point over and over and over and over…for almost an hour.

One of the guys that is being a pain lives with two of our other Cooks, they used to be fast friends and now they won’t even talk to one another. Why? They’re KIDS…hardly 21 years old all three of them, out on their own for the first time in their lives, making good money, saving on Bills by living together and full of piss and vinegar. They are very much in the “Screw You Too!” phase of their lives even over the smallest of things. THat is all that this problem is. Schoolyard Bullshit.

Why am I annoyed? Because I got lumped into this crap against my will. I’ve told these guys all repeatedly in the past. Don’t Fuck Around. If you have a problem go straight to the Boss with it and get it done with. Don’t piss off in the middle of the night and vanish from the face of the earth for two days. Act your fucking ages and have some respect for the woman who went out of pocket to the tune of $9000 for EACH of your sorry asses to get you over here and give you a job and a place to stay. Not to mention she is acting on their behalf with the Government to ensure that they all get their Permanent Resident status. Not because she is obligated too but because she wants to see them get ahead.

Fucking ingrates…geezus.

Anyway, that’s some of the drama from the last couple days. I feel better getting it out of my system. Thanks for reading if you made it this far!


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