Ramblings on a Sunday

It has been an interesting enough week for me, care to share along? Of course you do that’s why you’ve read this far already…away we go!

Purchased a Wii Fit and am surprised at how much fun it actually is though it did ‘crash’ my Wii so to speak last evening and I had to reset it. Not that this was hard to do mind you. Just bears noting.

Made Reservations to Animethon 15 for my wife and I for this August. Poor folks at the Con this year are almost all new so it’s been rough going for them. I wish them the best of luck!

Work has been soso this past week, shifts are getting filled and no ones whining overmuch. One of our Managers is on Two Weeks Vacation beginning today so that will be a welcome absence. She is a dedicated worker but when she is around stress levels are always higher because she likes to find fault. Though I am having to work 6 Days a week again for the moment I am assured this is only to cover for the Manager being absent.

In personal news I found a small place to vent my writing urges on…it is not perfect and on occasion smacks of God Modding but I myself work within the limits I have set and the others playing there are respecting that for the most part. I consider it my obligation to bring a sense of the mundane to their game whenever I am able.

And that’s all I have to say about that. Merry Sunday all!


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