Long time no blog!

It’s been a busy last few days for us here at the old homestead. All summer long we’ve been planning a trip to Animethon 15 in Edmonton and despite a few nervous moments (the Itinerary for th event was not posted until 5 days prior to the event itself) it did indeed happen this year.

We had planned to go down for all three days of it but the last minute worries made us change our minds and opt only for the Saturday excursion.  We did see an amazing array of CosPlayers who went to alot of trouble to dress up as their favorite Anime Characters.

Of course the highlight for me was the dealer room. I love wandering about and seeing all the different items of Anime Inspired goodness that are to be had. I think we spent a bit more than we had planned to because we ran in to some folks with some really beautiful Jade pendants but I had anticipated us going a little over budget so it wasn’t a panic moment.

My Camera passed out before we got to the Convention so I got no photos of any of the awesomeness. But I did get a picture or two in the West Edmonton Mall.

Galleon I

Galleon II

Skating Rink


2 Responses to “Long time no blog!”

  1. I heard it was your birthday or something today. happy birthday. 😀

  2. Oh good lord…who told you?! *hides*

    Thanks though 😛

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