This is just sad…

While I was making my rounds of the Daily Sites I check out I came across Woody’s place over at GU Comics and what I read brought back some old and unfriendly memories. For those that don’t want to head over to the link I will sum up. Gen Con, a yearly Game Mecca sort of thing, hold a Fund Raising Auction every year during the Convention and donates the proceeds to a worthy charity. This year it was held in honor of the passing of Gaming Legend Gary Gygax and they raised $17,938 which was slated to be donated to the Christian Childrens Fund. They help starving kids in Africa among other things.

However…when the CCF learned that some of the proceeds of the Donation came from the sales of things relating to Dungeons and Dragons they refused the Donation. I’ll let you all decide for yourselves if that is a worthy reason to refuse a Donation for such a cause.

How it relates to me is that back in the day when I ran Dungeons and Dragons games for a group of like minded kids I had to sit down with Parents on occasion to ensure them that Dungeons and Dragons was not Satan Worshipping. I kid you not. At age 11 I was sitting down with 30 year olds to explain that if they let their kids play a Role Playing Game with me that they would not turn into Satan Worshippers. All of this because Rev. Gary Faldwell and his 500 Club had been spamming the airwaves claiming that is exactly what would happen if they didn’t stamp out the evil of D&D.

I had thought the worlds Social Consciousness had advanced since then but apparently I was wrong eh?

Link to the Original Article @ LiveGameAuctions.


3 Responses to “This is just sad…”

  1. That’s why you can’t trust those damn dirty xtians. lol.

    Seriously, though…that is pathetic. They turn down a donation that big because of something they only make judgments about but don’t really know what it really is? These are the same people that protest Harry Potter…I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.

  2. Wow that’s not entirely surprising. I’ve always said it before, that people jump to conclusions and never base any opinions on fact or investigation. Before you condemn something, perhaps you should look into it and see.


  3. That is ridiculous. I had no idea that people still thought that way but then again I’m still shocked by things I hear said about our new president-to-be as well….

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