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Bloggy much?

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Concise Story Telling 101

Met Pandora, GuestBlogged for her, Met Yoshi, Colin & DanaLyn doing that. Lurked on Danalyn’s Blog for ages and now finally adding it to my Blog Roll for the folks I know to check out! Woman is crazy smart! Go look! Links are to the right of the screen ya lazy folks! Danalyn’s is Sporadic Mind. Should I change that to just her name ya think?

So I got some Jelly Belly cousins for Xmas from the Ma n Pa. They are yummy but should they not group like flavours with like flavours (yes I used the U…bugger off! :P) ? Does ANYONE really want Butter Popcorn with their Black Licorice?


Those crazy Japanese folks..

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One of my more frequent Blog-reads, Mr. Yoshi, and some of his friends have set up a fancy dancy viewing thingie into the mysterious world of the far off Orient. They call it jCrap and it’s a very amusing often tongue..we mostly tongue in cheek look at the strange goings on of the people out home that way. Everyone who’s anyone will be there. You don’t want to be left out do you? Go look…I’ll be here when you get back. Srsly. (Stole that from Pandora..who apparently swiped it from one of her frequent readers. Also it gives me the excuse to prod her into *cough* POSTING!)

Shoot me now

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I am so very tired…of everything.