Bloggy much?

Concise Story Telling 101

Met Pandora, GuestBlogged for her, Met Yoshi, Colin & DanaLyn doing that. Lurked on Danalyn’s Blog for ages and now finally adding it to my Blog Roll for the folks I know to check out! Woman is crazy smart! Go look! Links are to the right of the screen ya lazy folks! Danalyn’s is Sporadic Mind. Should I change that to just her name ya think?

So I got some Jelly Belly cousins for Xmas from the Ma n Pa. They are yummy but should they not group like flavours with like flavours (yes I used the U…bugger off! :P) ? Does ANYONE really want Butter Popcorn with their Black Licorice?


2 Responses to “Bloggy much?”

  1. danalyn is crazy smart indeed.

    as for mixing flavors in jellybeans, i’m a true believer in not mixing foods at all. LOL so that would be horrible lol

  2. Why would anyone think that those two flavours (dreaded U :P) ever be placed in the same box/bag?!? 😀

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