Warhammer 40k

I have no idea why..but I have become somewhat enthralled with the world behind the game for Warhammer’s 40k Line of products. I am not entirely certain why just yet but I am in the process of reading some of the OmniBus editions of the written work so perhaps that will shed some light on it for me.

One thing I enjoy about stumbling on a new Author or World that is already well established is that I can read HUGE amounts of material on the subject without having to wait the interminable amounts of time that usually come with being up to date on the subject matter.  While I do love the anticipation of a new book coming out in a favoured series (yep, the U again..don’t go there) I have an equal love for being able to walk into a BookStore and come out with two months of solid reading material in under 5 minutes.


2 Responses to “Warhammer 40k”

  1. yeah i’ve always been into the warhammer world it’s pretty damn cool. I think it started way back when I was super into the figurines and loved it since.

    although the warhammer online game is similar, I couldn’t get into that one for some reason. and it’s not 40k 😛

  2. @Yoshi: The irony being that in the past Blizz admitted unofficially to borrowing heavily from the Warhammer universe when they were doing art design for WoW lol. I never played the Warhammer setting myself but always wanted too. I am just a little burnt out on the Swords and Sorcery MMO’s just now so I am really enjoying the Higher Tech of 40k.

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