Ten Years Out

In light of my recent activity on my Blog, the Yuletide Season and contact with some old and dear friends I wanted to take a moment to write something personally about my time online. Also it might give y’all I just met some background! Not that you needed it or wanted it..but here it is anyway.

More than Ten years ago I got a new PC that allowed me to play my very first ever Online Game. It was MechWarrior: Mercenaries. Awesome game, crippled by lag at the time. I joined the GhostBear Clan and they had an IRC Chat Room. I had NO idea what IRC was at the time so I downloaded it, fought with it, cursed at it and finally got it to work.

We had Clan Meetings there to plan Strategy and other things but I noticed there were other things on IRC so in my downtime I took a Channel List and started browsing about. Several Months earlier I had picked up Vampire: The Masquerade as I was (and still am) a HUGE fan of all things Vampiric/Supernatural so when I stumbled upon a Channel called VampCity.

Believe it or not that simple act changed my Entire life. I met my wife there, I met one of my longest, closest and dearest friends there and I retain contact with a whole host of others most of whom hold the title of Friend with me at the very least. I find that I even miss the people that drove me up the walls at the time. I look back now and I can appreciate all that they did to make the games we played the sort of fun that I most enjoyed. I remember spending entire evenings getting to know them all, planning, plotting and otherwise entertaining one another in the time before online games came to rule the virtual world.

It struck me last night when I first had a thought about this Post that I owe these people a great deal and I have only ever met one of them in person. I guess that makes this a Virtual Memorial of sorts to anyone and everyone that I have ever played with on IRC in the last Ten years.

Thank you all for letting me play, create, laugh and even cry with you all over the years.


One Response to “Ten Years Out”

  1. Thank you all for letting me play, create, laugh and even cry with you all over the years.

    Thank you, for being the best of friends that I was lucky to meet during my time within that blessed channel. Love you tons, S.

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