Twilight – Spoiler Free

So while I have been ‘convalescing’ I have of course been bored out of my mind as I am unable to sit at the PC for more than a few mintues at a time. Thankfully I expected this and so I bought a series of books by Stephanie Meyer. This is the ‘Twilight‘ Series which inspired the recent feature movie. In the last few days I have read all four of the books currently available.

It’s not a horrible series despite what others I know have had to say about it. This woman took the Vampire mythos and spun an interesting tale with it even if it is a bit derivative here and there. Of course given the insane number of things I have read and absorbed about Vampires I have a very ‘Been there done that’ attitude towards the subject matter. Still, it was an engaging story that kept me turning all 12oo or so cumulative pages of it.

It’s not the next greatest piece of literature to ever come out but for those of you that are occasional readers this story could well keep you absorbed for many days and nights. It has my recommendation.

Also I can see why they have such an enormous Fandom going for this series. There are all manner of subtle hints and paths not taken by the main story that a creative mind caught up in the world could well write for quite some time.

Also consuming some of my time is a Wii Game called ‘Endless Ocean‘ it’s actually quite entertaining, if you own a Wii I recommend it as well.

Tomorrow I think I might watch the currently available episodes of Stargate: Atlantis. Not being able to walk without resembling a penguin and suffering much pain limits my options when it comes to entertainment.


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