A day in the life

Greetings my once and future readers! Since our last episode a few new things have happened out here in my neck of the Woods. Notable among them was a fairly lackluster October, even the annual festival of beggar children demanding candy from strangers was not as much fun as it usually is. I blame the fact that I had to work. Still I did see some lovely effort put forth on behalf of my co-workers when it came to costuming.

It has now been eleven years since I married my wife as we celebrated the Anniversary just a few days ago with a ritual trip into the big city for some shopping and other fun.

While we were there we took in the new Twilight Series movie New Moon. As much as I had no problem with the first of the movies I have to say this one felt much more like the book did to me and my wife. I could have done without the 17 minutes of previews that came before it though. As much as I like to see what is coming soon I don’t think I need to see EVERYTHING that is coming soon.

I am still in the process of reading the Warhammer 40k Series `The Horus Heresy`and I must say it is supremely interesting to me even 8 books in.

I’ve mostly finished the games I was playing when last I posted, and I did change my mind about the Kingdom Hearts game. It lost all appeal for me rather quickly and I have since consigned it to the bin of “Things to trade in to get other things” when I go to the Game Store next.

Just last evening I downloaded a Demo in my eternal search for something fun to play in the vein of ‘Diablo’ until Diablo 3 comes out of course. This most recent contender is called Torchlight which is a product of Perfect World Entertainment and Runic studios as well. I have previously played Perfect World (for which the company is named) so I thought it might be fun and indeed it was. My only beef with the demo is that you have 120 minutes of time and that is it. I would rather they allow me to play 5 levels of the game or something similar than have my gameplay yanked out from under me unceremoniously but alas. I may buy the game though, it is only 19.95 US and it was quite fun for the time I was able to play. Created in large part by some former Blizzard North employees from back in the days of Diablo I & II. Anyone looking for something in that genre can rest assured that Torchlight will not let you down.

I’ll sign off for now, I could talk more but this post has gotten long enough as it is. Perhaps I will update again in a few days since I am rather enjoying sitting here on the couch with the laptop.


One Response to “A day in the life”

  1. 11 years…*head desk* ….wash and repeat…

    Happy Anniversary my dearest friends!


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