Every so often…

I am just glad that this Blog is here. I am certainly among the masses of the Internet in that I started it, ran with it for a while and then left it to its own devices for extended periods of time. This does not change the fact that the level of catharsis I receive when I DO update it is exceptional to say the least.

Right now life is good on the whole. Bills are being paid on time, job is stable, car is back in shape post accident and I have enough things to keep me busy well into the significant future.

This morning I learned an important lesson about the Internet and that is: “RSS Feeds can not be trusted.” I have a Bar of the Blogs I follow with dedication much like many of us do I am sure. I check them usually 2-3 times a day time permitting and read/comment along where I have something worthwhile to add.

This morning it occurred to me that a few of my fellow Bloggers had not updated in a while so out of curiosity I stopped by the Links themselves and what do you think I found my friends?

That’s right…the RSS feed was not updating properly and I have/had missing out on almost a Month (in some cases multiple) of Updates! So I had a minor rage moment about that and have since spent the wee small hours of the morning getting privately caught up on the comings and goings of many of my Friends.

As for the news, let’s wander a minute shall we?

Weather – Improving, snow almost gone, Temps above freezing
Reading – Black Library like a voracious hound
Writing – Not so much these days. Muse = Dear John’d me
Personal – Getting better daily
Games – Final Fantasy vicariously through Chris, 40k always
Artistic – Painting Heroic 28mm 40k Figures, much fun
Physical – Tennis Elbow sucks!
Movies – Do they still make them? The good ones I mean…

In closing, I miss you Shelel. *squeezes&lippresses*


3 Responses to “Every so often…”

  1. What reader are you using? I have to admit that google reader has a great reader but it doesn’t always see when people have updates. It especially has issues with EE. So yeah if that’s it there ya go.

    • I am using the Google Manager Yoshi, but I am using it in Firefox…what I find especially irritating is that some Blogs update just fine and others don’t. This is leading me to wonder if perhaps it is not a problem on my end but a problem in compatibility with Users on the other end? Thank you for the Tip though!

  2. Am around, my dearest, just life kicking at me to no end. I miss you too. *hugslovekissesrepeatedly*

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