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Posted in Anime, Blogging Related with tags , , , on April 14, 2008 by abraxus

It has been brought to my fleeting attention span that I perhaps watch too much Anime. Let us examine this.

Yesterday a friend of mine came over to visit and asked me if I had seen the latest Naruto and Bleach DVDs out for sale. Now I know he only asks me because he likes to borrow them from me when I pick them up so he can watch them. I told my friend that I had them, loaned them to him and a few hours later got a call from him wanting to talk about the latest Episode of Naruto. I said sure I’d love to talk about it but when he started in I was confused. I had just watched the latest Episode of Naruto a few days ago (the ‘latest’ Episode being #220 or so) and he was describing things from years ago. Then I remembered he was watching the DVDs which are only up to around Episode 80ish.

I told him my mistake and he said I was an Anime-Geek. So out of spite I told him that the latest Episode of Bleach I had seen was #166 and he was only on 33 to which I got a lovely, “You asshole!” Somehow though it made me feel better.

It’s not MY fault he can’t stand to read Subs so he has to wait for the Dubs =P So yeah, I suppose that makes me an entry level Otaku. It’s a burden I bear with broad shoulders *nod*

Allow me to make a horrible segue for a moment and ask the Bloggy Community in general, “Has anyone seen our dear Pandora? I haven’t heard a peep out of her in what seems like forever.”


Quick (I hope) Update

Posted in Anime, Movies with tags , , on March 11, 2008 by abraxus

Well there isn’t too terribly much going on around here today, it’s a chilly +2 outside but I’ll take it. Today, as I am sure most every human creature knows, is new DVD day at your local retailer and I am a collector of my Favorite things. Today I picked up Naruto Volume 21, Hitman, Stargate: Ark of Truth and Appleseed: Ex Machina. I got an excellent deal on Stargate and Hitman though, the store I went to had them mis-priced so I paid a total of $26 for BOTH DVDs. Yay me!

My good deed for the day was to help out a fellow in the Self-Checkout at Wal-Mart by loaning him some change to finish off his payment, poor guy was missing a whopping $0.45. You’d think I’d just given him the answer to life the universe and everything or something…but that’s only 42 not 45.

In the mail I got Part I of Blood+ and a spiffy T-Shirt which Christina quickly appropriated for herself. I had gotten a little nervous about that one because when I went to the site last night to check on the status of the shipment it said there were no outstanding shipments or pending orders. Thankfully that was only because it was sitting in my Mailbox already.

That’s my day so far!