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Ganked from Ms. J

Posted in Blogging Related, Life with tags on February 3, 2009 by abraxus

Two names you go by:
1. JJ
2. Jas

Two things you are wearing right now:
1. “I am Gifted” T-shirt
2. ChefWear work pants

Two things you want very badly at the moment:
1. The pain from my surgery to go away
2. My headache to go away as well

Two people who will most likely repost this:
1. Yoshi! (cuz if you put a spotlight on the man he does things!)
2. Pandora (If she could Blog at the moment.)

Two things you did last night:
1. Watched old Atlantis Eps
2. Discussed books with Chris

Two things you ate yesterday:
1. Indian Style Stir Fry
2. Tim Hortons Chili

Two people you last spoke to:
1. Christina
2. Janaka

Two things you’re doing tomorrow:
1. Going to work
2. Baking some bread

Two states you’d like to visit: (Confusion and Grace?)
1. Michigan
2. Texas

Two favorite beverages:
1. Homemade Smoothies
2. Green Tea

Two random pics:


Swiped from Ms. J via Cipherpunk

Posted in Blogging Related, Life with tags on January 30, 2009 by abraxus

The first seven (7) people to respond to this post will get something made by me or something that I find to be personal to me that I am willing to part with.

This offer does have some restrictions and limitations:

  1. I make no guarantees that you will like what I make. I will not take requests.
  2. What I create will be just for you.
  3. It’ll be done this year (2009).
  4. I will post a second post that will be screened for addresses and contact info.

The catch is that you have to put this in your journal as well.

The seven people will be confirmed once they have committed.

Ten Years Out

Posted in Blogging Related, Games, Life on January 7, 2009 by abraxus

In light of my recent activity on my Blog, the Yuletide Season and contact with some old and dear friends I wanted to take a moment to write something personally about my time online. Also it might give y’all I just met some background! Not that you needed it or wanted it..but here it is anyway.

More than Ten years ago I got a new PC that allowed me to play my very first ever Online Game. It was MechWarrior: Mercenaries. Awesome game, crippled by lag at the time. I joined the GhostBear Clan and they had an IRC Chat Room. I had NO idea what IRC was at the time so I downloaded it, fought with it, cursed at it and finally got it to work.

We had Clan Meetings there to plan Strategy and other things but I noticed there were other things on IRC so in my downtime I took a Channel List and started browsing about. Several Months earlier I had picked up Vampire: The Masquerade as I was (and still am) a HUGE fan of all things Vampiric/Supernatural so when I stumbled upon a Channel called VampCity.

Believe it or not that simple act changed my Entire life. I met my wife there, I met one of my longest, closest and dearest friends there and I retain contact with a whole host of others most of whom hold the title of Friend with me at the very least. I find that I even miss the people that drove me up the walls at the time. I look back now and I can appreciate all that they did to make the games we played the sort of fun that I most enjoyed. I remember spending entire evenings getting to know them all, planning, plotting and otherwise entertaining one another in the time before online games came to rule the virtual world.

It struck me last night when I first had a thought about this Post that I owe these people a great deal and I have only ever met one of them in person. I guess that makes this a Virtual Memorial of sorts to anyone and everyone that I have ever played with on IRC in the last Ten years.

Thank you all for letting me play, create, laugh and even cry with you all over the years.

Allergies and Dining Out

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Ok, for anyone wandering in here, I am a Cook by Profession.

On most Menu’s these days at any popular Restaurant you will usually see a notation similar to the following:

“If you have any Food Allergies please inform your Server.”

Now something needs to be said about this. If you are eating at any Restaurant and you have a Food Allergy (let’s use SeaFood as an example) and you plan to order a Chicken dish do you need to tell your Server that you are Allergic to SeaFood? Hells YES you do. a Person with Allergies it is YOUR obligation to inform your Server about ANY allergies you may have. Doesn’t matter if all you want is a Glass of Water.

Most Kitchens run with an average of 5 – 9 Cooks at a time working on various meals all at once. If you think that every surface is sanitized after every order you are mistaken and naive. If you believe that every cook washes their hands between every single food item they handle..then you guessed it, mistaken and naive.

Now what DOES happen if you inform your Server that you have a Food Allergy (at least in the Kitchen I work in at any rate and I hope ALL Kitchens are like this) is the Server tells the Cooks and then yes, EVERY thing is Sanitized and washed before that order is made and only untouched ingredients are used because we don’t want to see our Patrons falling over and choking to death in the Restaurant.

So what I am getting at is this: If you have a Food Allergy or know of a Food Allergy for someone in your party PLEASE speak up and make sure the Server knows about it before your party orders. Do it as a public service to Cooks everywhere and Me in particular.

Those crazy Japanese folks..

Posted in Blogging Related, Noteworthy on December 29, 2008 by abraxus

One of my more frequent Blog-reads, Mr. Yoshi, and some of his friends have set up a fancy dancy viewing thingie into the mysterious world of the far off Orient. They call it jCrap and it’s a very amusing often tongue..we mostly tongue in cheek look at the strange goings on of the people out home that way. Everyone who’s anyone will be there. You don’t want to be left out do you? Go look…I’ll be here when you get back. Srsly. (Stole that from Pandora..who apparently swiped it from one of her frequent readers. Also it gives me the excuse to prod her into *cough* POSTING!)

For Friend Yoshi

Posted in Blogging Related, Games with tags , , on November 6, 2008 by abraxus

Recently Yoshi over at hello! Yoshi mentioned an interest in T-Shirts with an amusing, somewhat gaming related, twist. In the interests of not cluttering his Blog comments I thought I would post my own Link in that vein. Thus I give you Split Reason.

What Irks Me – The Day Off Edition

Posted in Blogging Related, Life, Rants, Work with tags on June 3, 2008 by abraxus

A little backstory for the new people. Up until about 6 months ago I had been working 6 Days a week on average around 10 hours a day at the Restaurant. This led to me having essentially no life to speak of. My one day off was consumed utterly by Bill Payments, Grocery Shopping and spending time with my wife. Unlike most people I worked (and still work) Split Shifts while my wife works regular day shifts and the occasional evening.

That meant I dropped her off at work, went in to the Restaurant, came home in the afternoon for 2.5 hours then went back to work about 30 minutes before she got home. I’d get back from the Split shift around 9:30 most nights, later if it was really busy, eat dinner, do laundry and pretty much be ready for bed.

That was my life for almost 3 years. Yes the money was nice, yes my wife understood that I was sorely needed due to lack of staff at the Restaurant but none of that helped me when I took a good long look at my wife and realized I had no life. I had work and a day to catch up. That is not a life.

My friends hardly ever saw me, I missed pretty much every single get together any of them had and I worked every weekend so when I DID have some time it was on a Monday when everyone else was getting back to work themselves.

About 6 months or so ago I went to my Boss and said I could not do it any longer, the toll it was taking on me personally was just getting to be too much. Thankfully she understood and I started to get two days off. It’s been nice for the most part, having one day to do my running and another to just do whatever I felt like doing.

Now we get to my problem (sorry it took so long…) I have SO much saved up to do, books purchased along the way that I wanted to read, DVDs with the same intention, Video Games for various consoles and things of that sort. What this has led to is a bit of paralysis. I have free time and I guess too much I want to do so I end up getting to do nothing while I try to figure it out.

I used to be part of a great PBeM (Play By Email) game a long time ago but the demands of work forced me to retire from it because I could not uphold my commitments to the game. Unfortunately I also lost a valued friendship as a result of all that. I miss the participation in creating something larger and now that I have the time again I have looked around for something else to invest myself in as I did once before. Sadly I have yet to find anything that has given me the same ‘buzz’.

I’ve tried to just pick one thing and do that exclusively but it’s not as easy as it might seem. Not for me at least. So I turn to the people I have met on the Interbaun. What do you do to help you make up your mind when you have multiple things to do?

I need something to occupy my mind and videogames just can’t do that for me, nor can the Movies.

Longwinded…Sorry =/