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Electronics Entertainment Expo = E3 2009

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Ok. I have G4 tv so I have been able to watch all of the Press Conferences as they were happening and I have to note some of my impressions.

Thus far Microsoft is in the lead as far as ‘Wow Factor’ for the event with Nintendo and then Sony in last place. Why is Sony in last place you ask? PSP Go. In a time when their sales are lagging behing and the 360 is picking up pace their response is to devote time, effort and cash to coming out with what essentially is a new ‘gimmick’ with a $250 Price Point. What should have been a major point in their presentation was a new Price Drop on their Playstation 3 to move more units into homes. That is the only significant way for them to compete at this point. Nothing they announced was a ‘Killer App’ this year despite many of the games looking excellent I have yet to see one that screams “Buy a Console AND this game!” in the same way that Halo and Knight of the Old Repulic did for the XBox. Probably Sony’s best presentation was the new Motion Sensing Eye Toy which does put Nintendo on notice that they can’t just fool around with their attempts any longer. Of course it stands to mention, Nintendo showed actual game play with their Wii Motes and Sony had only Tech Demo’s so Frame Rates could well be an issue.

Nintendo did well in its presentation but very little of it was a startling revelation. After last years E3 they learned their lesson and came to the mat with new Metroid, Mario and Zelda for consumers to sink their teeth into. Perhaps the only ‘hole’ in their presentation was the time they spent going on about Wii Fitness related titles and the announcement of the Wii Vitality peripheral which is essentially a finger tip Pulse Monitor. This year Nintendo as put more emphasis on providing content for the more mature Gamers and if they prove to be successful their sales will see a significant increase among the disenfranchised 18 – 35 year old market which is what Nintendo needs to dig in to.

Microsoft simply had a solid performace all around with the announcement of Natal and some truly innovative Motion Capture technologies not to mention their usual line up of outstanding games like Bioshock 2, Dragon Age, Halo: ODST and the surprise (well ok not a surprise to anyone who pays attention to the game industry but still a feather in their caps) of picking up not only the Final Fantasy franchise (once a Hallmark of Playstation) but also of the Metal Gear Solid  and Resident Evil franchises as well. What this showed me was that Sony is started to slip on its fast track and Developers are looking to Microsoft and the XBox to pick up where Sony is dropping off.

All in all, not many of the Consoles have ‘Exclusives’ anymore and I am not sure what that will do to the Companies in the long term. Final Fantasy XIV Online sounds alot better than it actually is given the hardly stellar response of the gaming public to their first attempt with it. I am VERY happy to see the E3 of old return though. It SHOULD be an over the top bigger than life event as it represents everything to come in the next year.


Are there Zombies on your lawn?

Posted in Games on April 3, 2009 by abraxus

What else can I say aside from watch this: Plants Vs. Zombies

Twilight – Spoiler Free

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So while I have been ‘convalescing’ I have of course been bored out of my mind as I am unable to sit at the PC for more than a few mintues at a time. Thankfully I expected this and so I bought a series of books by Stephanie Meyer. This is the ‘Twilight‘ Series which inspired the recent feature movie. In the last few days I have read all four of the books currently available.

It’s not a horrible series despite what others I know have had to say about it. This woman took the Vampire mythos and spun an interesting tale with it even if it is a bit derivative here and there. Of course given the insane number of things I have read and absorbed about Vampires I have a very ‘Been there done that’ attitude towards the subject matter. Still, it was an engaging story that kept me turning all 12oo or so cumulative pages of it.

It’s not the next greatest piece of literature to ever come out but for those of you that are occasional readers this story could well keep you absorbed for many days and nights. It has my recommendation.

Also I can see why they have such an enormous Fandom going for this series. There are all manner of subtle hints and paths not taken by the main story that a creative mind caught up in the world could well write for quite some time.

Also consuming some of my time is a Wii Game called ‘Endless Ocean‘ it’s actually quite entertaining, if you own a Wii I recommend it as well.

Tomorrow I think I might watch the currently available episodes of Stargate: Atlantis. Not being able to walk without resembling a penguin and suffering much pain limits my options when it comes to entertainment.

Ten Years Out

Posted in Blogging Related, Games, Life on January 7, 2009 by abraxus

In light of my recent activity on my Blog, the Yuletide Season and contact with some old and dear friends I wanted to take a moment to write something personally about my time online. Also it might give y’all I just met some background! Not that you needed it or wanted it..but here it is anyway.

More than Ten years ago I got a new PC that allowed me to play my very first ever Online Game. It was MechWarrior: Mercenaries. Awesome game, crippled by lag at the time. I joined the GhostBear Clan and they had an IRC Chat Room. I had NO idea what IRC was at the time so I downloaded it, fought with it, cursed at it and finally got it to work.

We had Clan Meetings there to plan Strategy and other things but I noticed there were other things on IRC so in my downtime I took a Channel List and started browsing about. Several Months earlier I had picked up Vampire: The Masquerade as I was (and still am) a HUGE fan of all things Vampiric/Supernatural so when I stumbled upon a Channel called VampCity.

Believe it or not that simple act changed my Entire life. I met my wife there, I met one of my longest, closest and dearest friends there and I retain contact with a whole host of others most of whom hold the title of Friend with me at the very least. I find that I even miss the people that drove me up the walls at the time. I look back now and I can appreciate all that they did to make the games we played the sort of fun that I most enjoyed. I remember spending entire evenings getting to know them all, planning, plotting and otherwise entertaining one another in the time before online games came to rule the virtual world.

It struck me last night when I first had a thought about this Post that I owe these people a great deal and I have only ever met one of them in person. I guess that makes this a Virtual Memorial of sorts to anyone and everyone that I have ever played with on IRC in the last Ten years.

Thank you all for letting me play, create, laugh and even cry with you all over the years.

Warhammer 40k

Posted in Books, Games on January 1, 2009 by abraxus

I have no idea why..but I have become somewhat enthralled with the world behind the game for Warhammer’s 40k Line of products. I am not entirely certain why just yet but I am in the process of reading some of the OmniBus editions of the written work so perhaps that will shed some light on it for me.

One thing I enjoy about stumbling on a new Author or World that is already well established is that I can read HUGE amounts of material on the subject without having to wait the interminable amounts of time that usually come with being up to date on the subject matter.¬† While I do love the anticipation of a new book coming out in a favoured series (yep, the U again..don’t go there) I have an equal love for being able to walk into a BookStore and come out with two months of solid reading material in under 5 minutes.

For Friend Yoshi

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Recently Yoshi over at hello! Yoshi mentioned an interest in T-Shirts with an amusing, somewhat gaming related, twist. In the interests of not cluttering his Blog comments I thought I would post my own Link in that vein. Thus I give you Split Reason.

This is just sad…

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While I was making my rounds of the Daily Sites I check out I came across Woody’s place over at GU Comics and what I read brought back some old and unfriendly memories. For those that don’t want to head over to the link I will sum up. Gen Con, a yearly Game Mecca sort of thing, hold a Fund Raising Auction every year during the Convention and donates the proceeds to a worthy charity. This year it was held in honor of the passing of Gaming Legend Gary Gygax and they raised $17,938 which was slated to be donated to the Christian Childrens Fund. They help starving kids in Africa among other things.

However…when the CCF learned that some of the proceeds of the Donation came from the sales of things relating to Dungeons and Dragons they refused the Donation. I’ll let you all decide for yourselves if that is a worthy reason to refuse a Donation for such a cause.

How it relates to me is that back in the day when I ran Dungeons and Dragons games for a group of like minded kids I had to sit down with Parents on occasion to ensure them that Dungeons and Dragons was not Satan Worshipping. I kid you not. At age 11 I was sitting down with 30 year olds to explain that if they let their kids play a Role Playing Game with me that they would not turn into Satan Worshippers. All of this because Rev. Gary Faldwell and his 500 Club had been spamming the airwaves claiming that is exactly what would happen if they didn’t stamp out the evil of D&D.

I had thought the worlds Social Consciousness had advanced since then but apparently I was wrong eh?

Link to the Original Article @ LiveGameAuctions.