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X-Files on now!

Posted in Movies, Noteworthy with tags , , on October 5, 2011 by abraxus

Very nice to finally get something good on the Canadian version for once. X-Files holds up amazingly well so far. Will enjoy watching it again!

Sad to hear of the passing of Steve Jobs earlier tonight. Visionaries are hard to come by.


Big n Green

Posted in Movies with tags , , on June 23, 2008 by abraxus

You guessed it, Incredible Hulk Movie Reveiw time. For those listening in I don’t do spoilers so no worries.

Better than the first movie? You bet. Why? Because they stayed true to the roots this time. Dr. Bruce Banner is a tortured soul once again and you are made/encouraged to feel for the plight of this brilliant young scientist bearing a terrible curse.

Special Effects abound of course, it is The Hulk after all. You’ll come away from this movie happy whether you liked the first one or not. More importantly you’ll like it even if you know almost nothing about The Incredible Hulk.

As a rule The Hulk was never a highly comedic character so if you’re looking for the snappy one-liners of Spiderman or the wry wit of Iron Man you won’t find that in this movie save for two or three brief moments. The Hulk is not about Haha so much as it is about “Holy Crap that was awesome!”

Various Homages are there to be seen, former Hulks, Former Banners and of course Stan “The Man” Lee and one other which I shall not spoil but was very well received by me. All in all I give it a 4 out of 5.

They named the dog Indiana

Posted in Movies with tags , , on May 27, 2008 by abraxus

Yep you guessed it dear readers. Last night my wife and I took in the late night showing of Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull. I try not to offer spoilers in my occasional movie reviews and I will attempt to do the same here.

Let me start off by saying that I could easily be categorized as an “Indiana Jones Fanboy” which is to say I love the series in its entirety. Now, with that caveat in mind I offer you my thoughts on the new movie.

First of all, this movie does not ‘suck ass’ or anything of the kind. It is NOT good mind you, not when viewed against its predecessors. From the very beginning it just did not draw me in as the other movies have and I attribute that to the script more than the Actors.

It just had no flow to it. All through the movie I kept asking myself if I had missed something or just not understood the crossover to the next scene. Most of the supporting cast did not seem to be on quite the same page at any particular time. My wife suggested that it very nearly seemed as if they had all filmed their roles separately and then had them tied together with special effects to knit the movie together.

On that note the special effects were just not up to snuff. In this day and age I should not be saying, “That’s all CG.” every single time I see an effect. At one point there is a scene where they are showing an overview of a cemetery and I actually said, “I hope that’s a model on a table…because that’s a model on a table.” and it was supposed to be an actual place sadly enough.

Something I found quite annoying was the Script itself. Many times in the past I have seen interviews with Harrison Ford where he would be asked the eternal “While there be another Indiana Jones?” question and always he would say, “I’m hoping so, we’re just waiting for a good script to come along.”. This script is not that script if you catch my drift.

All of the prerequisite things are there, the one-liners from Indy, the outrageous allies and villains, over the top action sequences and everything else I have come to expect from a good Indiana Jones time. So very little of it works though that it made the whole move sad to watch.

That’s not to say I did not laugh when a one-liner was offered or when a comical scene happened but it was the sort of laugh you get from a sitcom these days. You know what I mean, the “Haha!” and then you stop laughing a moment later because it was amusing…but not really funny or hilarious.

Truly this movie would have been much better served with more work in the Editing Room because at two hours and four minutes it was just a chore to watch. It nearly broke my heart to be honest. At Midnight when we got home I stayed up and watched The Last Crusade again just to see if maybe I was being too harsh in my thoughts but seeing Last Crusade just made Crystal Skull seem that much more pale in comparison.

On a scale of 5 I give Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull a 2.

Adventures in Dentistry

Posted in Movies with tags , on May 5, 2008 by abraxus

Well this morning went off pretty much without a hitch. Which is odd for me and my famous Gag Reflex. Little bit of trouble with the X-Ray but it did get done. They even managed to use the rubber dam thing on me which pretty much has never happened before.

Funny thing being when she put the clamp on my tooth that the dam attaches too it popped right off, second time no luck third time with a different version it worked. THEN the rubber damn wouldn’t go on correctly. Figures the time I don’t gag is the time they need even more time poking around in my mouth risking the gag.

Once it was all in place though it went fine and quickly which I liked. Tried to make an appointment for a Cleaning/Check-up and was told the earliest possible time was in October…sheesh. So when I got home I had a call from them saying they had someone cancel and I could get in…*drumroll* Tomorrow at 10 AM lol.

Oh yeah and Iron Man was freakin awesome. Robert Downey Jr. is PERFECT as Tony Stark. And the little ending scene after the credits was cool too. I love it when they take the time to properly tell a story in movies these days. 90 Minutes is just stupid, forces the script writers to cram too much in and the movie suffers for it most times. I much prefer they take all the time they need.


Posted in Movies with tags , , on April 25, 2008 by abraxus

Watching things about Uwe Boll is more interesting than watching a Film by Uwe Boll. You’d think that someone would have mentioned this to Uwe by now eh? Click the link to see the latest foolishness.

Uwe Boll Strangeness

Quick (I hope) Update

Posted in Anime, Movies with tags , , on March 11, 2008 by abraxus

Well there isn’t too terribly much going on around here today, it’s a chilly +2 outside but I’ll take it. Today, as I am sure most every human creature knows, is new DVD day at your local retailer and I am a collector of my Favorite things. Today I picked up Naruto Volume 21, Hitman, Stargate: Ark of Truth and Appleseed: Ex Machina. I got an excellent deal on Stargate and Hitman though, the store I went to had them mis-priced so I paid a total of $26 for BOTH DVDs. Yay me!

My good deed for the day was to help out a fellow in the Self-Checkout at Wal-Mart by loaning him some change to finish off his payment, poor guy was missing a whopping $0.45. You’d think I’d just given him the answer to life the universe and everything or something…but that’s only 42 not 45.

In the mail I got Part I of Blood+ and a spiffy T-Shirt which Christina quickly appropriated for herself. I had gotten a little nervous about that one because when I went to the site last night to check on the status of the shipment it said there were no outstanding shipments or pending orders. Thankfully that was only because it was sitting in my Mailbox already.

That’s my day so far!