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Lately I have been playing games a little more frequently than I have in the past. First off the block would be the new Kingdom Hearts game for the Nintendo DS, Kingdom Hearts 358/2. Ok so the title is ridiculous…but come on it’s a Square Enix Game and those people have been on their FINAL Fantasy for what? 10 years or more now?

KH 358/2 has the usual bizarre Story I have come to expect from the franchise in the past but it manages to make sense out of itself the more you play so you really do get into it in the same way as your Character, Roxas, does. As for the Gameplay…well that is where the game is shiny and dull all rolled into one. Environments are sorely lacking in this game when you get into a’s very much the Final Fantasy VII game look..if you are in the Wilderness you get the standard wilderness Combat area, in the towns you get the same Town Combat area. However the combat itself is engaging and simple so you don’t have to spell an alphabet and abuse your D-Pad in order to punch someone in the face. All in all it’s a good game in the Franchise and you can’t put enough value on the tour de force through the Disney game universe as you play. 3 out of 5.

Over to the PC I picked up the GotY Edition of Fallout 3 and I must say it is MUCH more fun on the PC than it was on the 360. There will never be any substitute for Mouse Aiming ever as far as I am concerned. Half of my problems with it on the 360 stemmed from having to aim with the left stick. Of course the PC lends its considerable graphical power to the mix so you can really upscale the resolution and details available so the Wasteland looks even more lushly disturbing. I never would have that that three hundred shades of brown, black and grey could look so good. Having the ability to patch easily and effectively is also well worth snagging it on the PC and the very first patch out there removed many issues that even the 360 users had to suffer.

One common issue was the game crashing on startup occasionally but that was easily solved with a trip to Google with the error message in hand. Turns out PC users just need to upgrade the MS Live component which Fallout consults on Startup. Easy as pie.

As the GotY edition comes with all of the currently available expansions you are getting a very large amount of gameplay and innovation for your $59 Canadian here. I suspect it will take me about 3 months to get through it all at least playing 2-3 hours a night. 5 out of 5.

PSPGo made its way into the world since the last time I Blogged so I thought I would mention that here as well. I took my old PSP and games into EB Games when it came out and traded the whole mess in towards a PSPGo and ending up paying $40 for my PSPGo after all was said and done.

It’s a very lovely system, a vast improvement over the PSP Slim for sure. Removal of the UMD Drive has allowed them to really drop both bulk and weight from the design making it much easier to carry with you. 16 Megs of Flash Memory built in gives you alot of room to play with and the average DLed game from the PSN runs around 1.2 – 1.5 Gigs in size so you can easily hold several games on your PSPGo without worry.

MediaGo is the PSPGos new Media Manager and it does the job splendidly with the usual “Import your Old Library” settings and the option to Scan specific areas for new content as well. One thing worth mention for sure is that the new PSPGo has a much more robust Codec when it comes to playing content. My old PSP was stubborn when it came to playing most Video files but with the PSPgo I have yet to run into that issue.

With the slide out screen the system is just plain gorgeous. If I had any single beef about the whole thing it is the memory Stick slot…they have abandoned the Pro Stick Duo format in favor of the M2..which is a Micro Card. So all of my Pro Stick Duos are now rendered useless when it comes to my PSPGo. Boo on Sony for that needless bit of folly. 4 out of 5.

On to Movies! I picked up Underworld: Rise of the Lycans and was well and truly impressed by it. The people behind this entire series are to be commended for their skill at keeping the interest of the Movie-Goer interested across three movies of varying content. I was happy to delve into the backstory of this Universe and would love to see them go further with it but sadly Rise of the Lycans hasn’t had much luck in the Theatre though I hear it is doing well as a DVD release. Hopefully if they do a 4th movie in this franchise they will get enough of a budget to do it justice. 4 out of 5.

Transformers Revenge of the Fallen. I am SO very torn with this movie…I thought the character of The Fallen was entirely without merit bordering on Cheeseball. I would have been happier if the ‘Revenge of the Fallen’ had been the remaining Decepticons banding together to bring back Megatron and go from there. That aside I did like the movie as a whole I cannot express how happy I am that they brought back everyone from Voice Actors to Character Actors for this one. 4 out of 5.

Ok almost done folks, if you’re still with me at all of course lol.

Books…*cue the Evil Empire Music* (or Shelels Theme if you prefer *chuckle*)

Dan Brown..of how you let me down this time out. The Lost Symbol ladies and gentlemen…is just not what I was hoping for. I had guessed the Villain, the circumstances around him becoming the Villain and his motivations by the time I reached the 20 page mark. Now, taking all that into account, it is NOT a bad book. I was just shocked at how easily I had seen the eventual outcome. Brown keeps the reader entertained with Robert Langdon as easily as one would expect and for that I thank him. As people have come to expect he carries us along with a story littered with revelations about the way we see things and keeps the reader astonished at some of the truly strange things that lie right in their back yards in some cases. More than once I put the book down to go and Google on revelation or another and I love that the book kept me doing that time and time again.

One more point of contention..Brown of course makes a point of putting his protagonist into claustrophobic situations here and there…but nothing ever seems to come of it aside from Robert making mention of his tragic past accident and being nervous for a bit…I never really was given the impression that he was genuinely afraid of confined spaces.

All in all it is a good book, the ending twist was really interesting but I would love to see him take another direction with his next book. 4 out of 5.

Life. Life is busy. I work 6 days a week more often than not and in all honesty I sometimes don’t even make an 80 hour paycheck out of those 6 days. Business has been down recently between the economy and the OilField shutting down some local projects. I am grateful for what I have though, there are many folks worse off than I right now. Chris and I are doing well all in all, she is going to the Gym twice a week with a friend of hers from work that is running the Olympic Torch (which is coming right through our little Town/City/Village thing) on its way to Vancouver for 2010. She just got done an 8 week Yoga Course that she really enjoyed as well. We’re looking at maybe getting a pair of Year Memberships for the Yule Season this year.

Right now my life is work. I come home, eat, sleep, play the odd game for a bit, then head back to work for the most part. Don’t really have much time for the social/recreational as my schedule at work generally takes up from 8 Am to 8:30 P.M. daily. Bills are getting paid though, can’t complain.

And that is that for now everyone, thanks for reading!

Oh and Yoshi if you read this, still no luck getting through yet =/


Electronics Entertainment Expo = E3 2009

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Ok. I have G4 tv so I have been able to watch all of the Press Conferences as they were happening and I have to note some of my impressions.

Thus far Microsoft is in the lead as far as ‘Wow Factor’ for the event with Nintendo and then Sony in last place. Why is Sony in last place you ask? PSP Go. In a time when their sales are lagging behing and the 360 is picking up pace their response is to devote time, effort and cash to coming out with what essentially is a new ‘gimmick’ with a $250 Price Point. What should have been a major point in their presentation was a new Price Drop on their Playstation 3 to move more units into homes. That is the only significant way for them to compete at this point. Nothing they announced was a ‘Killer App’ this year despite many of the games looking excellent I have yet to see one that screams “Buy a Console AND this game!” in the same way that Halo and Knight of the Old Repulic did for the XBox. Probably Sony’s best presentation was the new Motion Sensing Eye Toy which does put Nintendo on notice that they can’t just fool around with their attempts any longer. Of course it stands to mention, Nintendo showed actual game play with their Wii Motes and Sony had only Tech Demo’s so Frame Rates could well be an issue.

Nintendo did well in its presentation but very little of it was a startling revelation. After last years E3 they learned their lesson and came to the mat with new Metroid, Mario and Zelda for consumers to sink their teeth into. Perhaps the only ‘hole’ in their presentation was the time they spent going on about Wii Fitness related titles and the announcement of the Wii Vitality peripheral which is essentially a finger tip Pulse Monitor. This year Nintendo as put more emphasis on providing content for the more mature Gamers and if they prove to be successful their sales will see a significant increase among the disenfranchised 18 – 35 year old market which is what Nintendo needs to dig in to.

Microsoft simply had a solid performace all around with the announcement of Natal and some truly innovative Motion Capture technologies not to mention their usual line up of outstanding games like Bioshock 2, Dragon Age, Halo: ODST and the surprise (well ok not a surprise to anyone who pays attention to the game industry but still a feather in their caps) of picking up not only the Final Fantasy franchise (once a Hallmark of Playstation) but also of the Metal Gear Solid  and Resident Evil franchises as well. What this showed me was that Sony is started to slip on its fast track and Developers are looking to Microsoft and the XBox to pick up where Sony is dropping off.

All in all, not many of the Consoles have ‘Exclusives’ anymore and I am not sure what that will do to the Companies in the long term. Final Fantasy XIV Online sounds alot better than it actually is given the hardly stellar response of the gaming public to their first attempt with it. I am VERY happy to see the E3 of old return though. It SHOULD be an over the top bigger than life event as it represents everything to come in the next year.

Final Fantasy Crisis Core Update

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Well I’ve finally gotten around to actually sitting down with the new Final Fantasy game for the PSP. Crisis Core is turning out to be considerably more fresh and interesting than I had originally thought it would be. Initially I went in expecting that the game would be fanservice for FFVII fans and I have been pleasantly surprised. Combat, as with all new FF titles, is different but easy to grasp. My only real issue with the Combat if you get into the Items Menu you MUST use something. Even if you just got there by accident. A few times now I’ve wasted Potions just to get out of the menu and back to a fight because it’s pseudo-real time so while you’re in that Menu you you’re not attacking and likely getting hit.

Cut Scenes are awesome as is almost always the case and are easily skipped through if needs be. Voice Over is nice…but stiff in some cases and I would have liked to have seen more of it.

Something I am loving though are the Missions. Anyone who has played a FF game in the past knows the sometimes tedious task of leveling up your group in between major adventures. Crisis Core takes some of that pain away by removing the need to run around for days on end hoping for random encounters. Enter the Missions. At any Save Point you can access the Missions area and choose from a decent list of things to do which basically amount to about 4-5 minute adventures that flesh out the storyline if you’re interested in the side plots. Defeating a mission usually will unlock the next harder one in the Chain with increased difficulty and better rewards.

They have something called the “Modulating Phase” which occasionally will pop up similar to the Limit Breaks from the past but much more random. It’s basically a slot machine of NPC images which scroll through randomly. Sometimes you get something nice like a Level Up, a Summon, or Bonus’ to Combat Abilities like No Magic Point costs briefly. It’s fun so far but I’ve had a few “WTF” moments when it jerks me out of combat to do it.

So far so good!

Oh yeah and someone strap Pandora to her PC and make her Post. That is all đŸ™‚


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Those of you that happen to follow Video Games in any amount have no doubt heard of a young angry man named Kratos. For a time he was the God of War. Young Mr. Kratos is coming to the Playstation Portable! Today I was fortunate enough to be offered a Demo of the new PSP God of War game and since I was a huge fan of the first two I could not pass this up.

As brief as the Demo is I have to say it is definitely a game I will be picking up for the PSP when it releases. I was a little suspicious of the games potential on a system with only one Stick to use but the PSP does it excellent justice.

Unrelated to this in any way is my ongoing research into the relationship between being horny and being sick/injured. I am not feeling very well today…and it is driving me nuts because out of nowhere I am ridiculously horny today. Poor wife… hehe she’s in for it tonight.