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Every so often…

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I am just glad that this Blog is here. I am certainly among the masses of the Internet in that I started it, ran with it for a while and then left it to its own devices for extended periods of time. This does not change the fact that the level of catharsis I receive when I DO update it is exceptional to say the least.

Right now life is good on the whole. Bills are being paid on time, job is stable, car is back in shape post accident and I have enough things to keep me busy well into the significant future.

This morning I learned an important lesson about the Internet and that is: “RSS Feeds can not be trusted.” I have a Bar of the Blogs I follow with dedication much like many of us do I am sure. I check them usually 2-3 times a day time permitting and read/comment along where I have something worthwhile to add.

This morning it occurred to me that a few of my fellow Bloggers had not updated in a while so out of curiosity I stopped by the Links themselves and what do you think I found my friends?

That’s right…the RSS feed was not updating properly and I have/had missing out on almost a Month (in some cases multiple) of Updates! So I had a minor rage moment about that and have since spent the wee small hours of the morning getting privately caught up on the comings and goings of many of my Friends.

As for the news, let’s wander a minute shall we?

Weather – Improving, snow almost gone, Temps above freezing
Reading – Black Library like a voracious hound
Writing – Not so much these days. Muse = Dear John’d me
Personal – Getting better daily
Games – Final Fantasy vicariously through Chris, 40k always
Artistic – Painting Heroic 28mm 40k Figures, much fun
Physical – Tennis Elbow sucks!
Movies – Do they still make them? The good ones I mean…

In closing, I miss you Shelel. *squeezes&lippresses*


Quick Update

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Angels & Demons = It was ok.
Star Trek = It was better than Angels & Demons

Work = getting by
Facebook = Am I nuts?
Twitter = I AM nuts

True Blood = We’ll see….

Allergies and Dining Out

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Ok, for anyone wandering in here, I am a Cook by Profession.

On most Menu’s these days at any popular Restaurant you will usually see a notation similar to the following:

“If you have any Food Allergies please inform your Server.”

Now something needs to be said about this. If you are eating at any Restaurant and you have a Food Allergy (let’s use SeaFood as an example) and you plan to order a Chicken dish do you need to tell your Server that you are Allergic to SeaFood? Hells YES you do. a Person with Allergies it is YOUR obligation to inform your Server about ANY allergies you may have. Doesn’t matter if all you want is a Glass of Water.

Most Kitchens run with an average of 5 – 9 Cooks at a time working on various meals all at once. If you think that every surface is sanitized after every order you are mistaken and naive. If you believe that every cook washes their hands between every single food item they handle..then you guessed it, mistaken and naive.

Now what DOES happen if you inform your Server that you have a Food Allergy (at least in the Kitchen I work in at any rate and I hope ALL Kitchens are like this) is the Server tells the Cooks and then yes, EVERY thing is Sanitized and washed before that order is made and only untouched ingredients are used because we don’t want to see our Patrons falling over and choking to death in the Restaurant.

So what I am getting at is this: If you have a Food Allergy or know of a Food Allergy for someone in your party PLEASE speak up and make sure the Server knows about it before your party orders. Do it as a public service to Cooks everywhere and Me in particular.

Work..oh dear lords above…

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So I get two days off a week now that I had to fight for. This is the good thing in this Post.

Today was my first day back to work after those two days off which I enjoyed very much despite the fact that I had to go in to work briefly on one of them. It was my choice so I did not mind.

Today though..I think everyone took their nasty pills. Linda was her usual self, whenever things get a bit stressed she comes off with, “Ugh I don’t wanna be here…” which I have grown accustomed too. But then it turned in to “I hate this job, it’s always the same” and the ever popular “I need a vacation!”. Now anyone who has talked at length with me about my job knows that this woman gets more time off than anyone else in the entire frigging Restaurant. She just got back from two weeks Vacation not ten days ago. She takes every other weekend off plus her normal days off…so twice a month she gets a four day weekend.

Our Food Order Company is all screwed around now, new Distributor has changed our delivery days which takes a man out of our Kitchen on Monday and Thursday now..we are already short staffed those days as it is. On top of that I found out one of our long timers is looking to move on. Soon. As in a couple weeks.

Now in the past I would have been thrilled for her…but right now we have a rough crew at work, many of them are brand new and have to be watched all night to make sure they don’t screw the pooch. Now is not the time for us to be losing an experienced Cook.

I swear though..there is only so much more of Linda bitching and whining that I can take. She’s a great person but she’s ALWAYS complaining. A STAPLES just opened in our town and I am seriously considering putting in for work there…which sucks because I love cooking…just these damn people can’t ever seem to be pleased with what they have.

I like my job…I just have a hard time with some of the crabbing my co-workers do. I guess that’s as simple as it gets.

Ramblings on a Sunday

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It has been an interesting enough week for me, care to share along? Of course you do that’s why you’ve read this far already…away we go!

Purchased a Wii Fit and am surprised at how much fun it actually is though it did ‘crash’ my Wii so to speak last evening and I had to reset it. Not that this was hard to do mind you. Just bears noting.

Made Reservations to Animethon 15 for my wife and I for this August. Poor folks at the Con this year are almost all new so it’s been rough going for them. I wish them the best of luck!

Work has been soso this past week, shifts are getting filled and no ones whining overmuch. One of our Managers is on Two Weeks Vacation beginning today so that will be a welcome absence. She is a dedicated worker but when she is around stress levels are always higher because she likes to find fault. Though I am having to work 6 Days a week again for the moment I am assured this is only to cover for the Manager being absent.

In personal news I found a small place to vent my writing urges on…it is not perfect and on occasion smacks of God Modding but I myself work within the limits I have set and the others playing there are respecting that for the most part. I consider it my obligation to bring a sense of the mundane to their game whenever I am able.

And that’s all I have to say about that. Merry Sunday all!

These are the days of our lives…

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As you might have guessed from the Topic this Post is going to be all about the sublime Soap Opera that is my workplace. Flee now unless you wish to be baffled by the goings on at my place of work.

This past week has been pretty rough, past 10 days actually but I don’t want to split hairs, with a few days of really short Staff on hand due to injuries (a bad back and one Doctors Appointment) and people who can’t seem to get out of bed on time coupled with one young man from Fiji who decided it would be fine to lie about why he could not come to work on Saturday by saying he was ill when we ALL knew he was in the City with his Brother.

Of course my Employer found out about all of this and it was pretty much her last straw for that month hence the Staff Meetings. Ostensibly it was about rising Food Costs, 1.5% to be precise over the last month which translates into an increase of around $4500. This is unacceptable. There is no reason for it. Many of the Staff have gotten lazy and do not use the Scales provided to weigh out food portions and that is where the cost starts to creep up. 1/2 an Ounce here…3 Ounces there and before you know it $4500 is gone.

That was legitamite and I have no problems being told to get my shit together and do it right. That was the first 10 minutes of the meeting. Unfortunately the next 50 minutes turned into our Boss nearly bawling her eyes out in frustration over the childish crap people are pulling, a few feuds between friends and her general frustration at having to baby sit her staff as if she was Mommy. Something she should never have to do of course. We heard about how in the City this sort of thing would just get you fired, and in other Restaurants if you didn’t bring in a Doctors Note explaining why you were not at work you were fired on the spot.

Basically the grass is always greener on the other side sort of thing. My beef with that was I have NEVER been a problem for her…ever. I hardly ever ask for time off, I show up for my shifts. I don’t cry and whine every five minutes. I have a good time with my co-workers and the Front of House staff. I am pretty much universally liked by all as far as I know because I don’t panic, don’t get angry and can usually be counted on to be the village idiot/smartass whenever tension needs to be released.

Aside from generally knowing that something was up I really did not know any details, nor was I in any way involved in the whole mess yet I had to sit there as she re-hashed the same point over and over and over and over…for almost an hour.

One of the guys that is being a pain lives with two of our other Cooks, they used to be fast friends and now they won’t even talk to one another. Why? They’re KIDS…hardly 21 years old all three of them, out on their own for the first time in their lives, making good money, saving on Bills by living together and full of piss and vinegar. They are very much in the “Screw You Too!” phase of their lives even over the smallest of things. THat is all that this problem is. Schoolyard Bullshit.

Why am I annoyed? Because I got lumped into this crap against my will. I’ve told these guys all repeatedly in the past. Don’t Fuck Around. If you have a problem go straight to the Boss with it and get it done with. Don’t piss off in the middle of the night and vanish from the face of the earth for two days. Act your fucking ages and have some respect for the woman who went out of pocket to the tune of $9000 for EACH of your sorry asses to get you over here and give you a job and a place to stay. Not to mention she is acting on their behalf with the Government to ensure that they all get their Permanent Resident status. Not because she is obligated too but because she wants to see them get ahead.

Fucking ingrates…geezus.

Anyway, that’s some of the drama from the last couple days. I feel better getting it out of my system. Thanks for reading if you made it this far!

Allow me to sum up…

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the events of my most recent Staff Meeting at work. Set to happen at 3 P.M. we all show up on time (a minor miracle in its own right) and the meeting begins promptly. Some of the Major Cleaning duties in the kitchen haven’t been getting done on time, this needs to be corrected. We all agree.

Next point regards Staff worrying about their Pay Rates and thinking of leaving for greener pastures (this is entirely the Immigrant workers the company has brought over to fill positions.) up north. We dispense information explaining that yes, they make up to $5 more/hour than we do here BUT the cost of living there is almost 60% more than it is here so all of that amazing wage goes to simply living there.

And that dear readers is it. After that it was just a constant re-hashing of the prior points…for the next 50 bloody minutes. In total the information we were given took all of 10 minutes to impart and then it was like moving through some sort of demented timewarp/groundhog day sort of thing.

I COULD have been home about 20 minutes after I left but no…that would have been a good thing.